April 2011


Dave Carroll demonstrated his unique waste paper reprocessing machine which transforms waste paper into briquette form as part of his answer to the fuel problem – Peter Donagh can be seen testing its efficiency in the photo below.


Peter Donagh testing Dave Carroll's Briquette Machine 


Dave also displayed his homemade pyrography wood burner which he assembled from redundant electronic controls and which worked very effectively.  


His project for the day was a deluxe model bird feeder.  Using .75” square x 10” white deal, 3 decorated spindles were turned with a spigot at each end.  The top was designed to ensure adequate angle for rain run off, and a 40mm hole drilled to facilitate the lid.  The bottom section was mounted on a face plate and designed with a V feature in the centre to ensure nuts fell to the side and also to provide drainage.  Fine mesh wire was cut to form the body of the feeder and fitted between the top and bottom before the spindles were fitted.  A decorative finial set off the base, and the unit was suspended with the fitting of a central electrical cable attached to the bottom and running through the top lid.  Even though the feeder did not require any application of finish it was certainly a fitting tribute to any appreciative bird. 


Top tips for the day:   Sign your finished turning before applying selected finish. Use an old toothbrush to clean drill bits. 



Competition Pieces


 tn_Laburnum Bowl - James Halligan Apr 2011 tn_Spalted Birch Bowl - John Conneff Apr 2011 

Laburnum Bowl - James Halligan Apr 2011

Spalted Birch Bowl - John Conneff Apr 2011


 tn_Beech Pot Puree - Bob Dier Apr 2011

Beech Pot Puree - Bob Dier Apr 2011