North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild



 April 2013


We were delighted to welcome Christien van Bussel from the Gorey & District Guild for our April meeting. 


tn_Christien van Bussel2

Christien van Bussel


Christien demonstrated a variety of techniques during the course of the afternoon: including the positioning of raised beads on the inside and outside of bowls to create best visual effect, texturing with different texturing tools, power carving using the Proxxon Carver, applying spirit based liming wax and gilding cream, and applying colour with spirit stain.


The first project was a 9” Cherry bowl.  Using a short bevel bowl gouge – the bevel was blackened with a marker prior to sharpening. This technique was used as a visual guide to ensure that the full bevel was addressed on the sharpening wheel.  A recess was cut at the base for reverse chucking.  Inside this recess two small beads were cut around a central button.  The secret here is to size the divide between the two beads so as it will fit the tailstock revolving ring when there is need to tidy up the outside of the bowl.  The outside was shaped using the short rubbing bevel of the bowl gouge which gives a clean cut, and as a feature, a neat bead was positioned as if sitting on the outside curve of the bowl.  The finishing cuts were taken with the square scraper presented on it’s side taking light cuts with the grain, and ensuring that the cut can be made in one uninterrupted cut, – not scraping.  When using a Woodoc finish allow the 1st coat to dry for one day before rubbing down with steel wool.  Apply a 2nd coat and again dry for another day, and then buff with a tissue.  Its now ready for reverse chucking.  Cut and shape the rim using a spindle gouge cutting an inward sloping angle on the edge.  As the rim is very thin – finish the rim and bead before progressing with the rest of the bowl. Cut a fine bead 2” from the centre of the bottom, and leave a small button o


n the centre of the bottom. Flatten the area between the button and the bead, leaving it ready for carving.  Remove the chuck with bowl and hold chuck in vice, and draw in design to be carved.  Then follow the lined drawing with the Proxxon Carver. 


tn_Christien van Bussel

Christien's - finished piece



tn_Christien van Bussel - Display.

Christien van Bussel - Display.


Christien’s next project incorporated texturing techniques and how to apply spirit stain.  The framing of the coloured area was achieved with the point tool.  The correct method for using the point tool is to present the tool with the flat side up at 90 degrees with the handle slightly above centre.  Finally spirit based liming wax was rubbed into all areas of the bowl and the surplus wax was wiped off with a tissue while the bowl was spinning. 


The concluding project was a 1.5” brooch in African Blackwood.  This was textured with two different texturing tools and finished with gold gilding cream to give a stunning  result.   The brooch was parted off with the parting tool presented at 35 degrees on a lowered tool rest.  

tn_Textured Brooch - African Blackwood - Christien van Bussel

Christien'sTextured Brooch - African Blackwood


Thanks Chrishien for an excellent presentation. 




Members projects for critique included:

 tn_TwoPiece Bowl Sycamore Spalted Beech Bob Dier


2 Piece Bowl - Sycamore  Spalted Beech - Bob Dier




tn_Shoe Horn - Mahogany - Bob Dier

Shoe Horn - Mahogany - Bob Dier




tn_Cheese Board - Ash Crotch - Noel Byrne

Cheese Board - Ash Crotch - Noel Byrne




tn_Car - Poplar Red Cedar Pine - Pat Hannigan

Car - Poplar Red Cedar Pine - Pat Hannigan




tn_Jewellery - Richard Coyle

Jewellery - Richard Coyle




tn_Mahogant framed Photo - Cecil Barron

Mahogant framed Photo - Cecil Barron


tn_Hollow Form Spalted Beech Mahogany Dave Carroll 



Hollow Form - Spalted Beech  Mahogany -

Dave Carroll




tn_Parana Pine Bun Stand - Imelda Connolly

Parana Pine Bun Stand - Imelda Connolly




tn_Selection of pens Various timbers - James Halligan

Selection of pens Various timbers - James Halligan




tn_Spalted Beech Lidded Bowl - Peter Donagh

Spalted Beech Lidded Bowl - Peter Donagh