August 2011

Pat Carroll, from the Gorey Chapter demonstrated at our August meeting, producing a broad-rimmed framed and textured bowl from a 14” x 3.5”spalted Beech blank.  

The initial shaping was achieved using pull cuts with a long winged gouge, while creating a downward slope on the bowl rim. An interesting technique Pat used throughout, was to keep his thumb on the handle of the gouge for maximum control rather than holding the handle with the full fist.  



Pat Carroll demonstration


Using a Charriott texturing tool sitting on the tool rest – the wheel was set at 45 degrees and sharpened with a diamond file. Pat introduce the wheel below centre and raised the wheel to centre level for cutting, thus ensuring to maintain a constant level across the complete width.

Next the texture was sprayed black, ensuring that for the last second of the spraying procedure that the spray can was turned upside-down to clean the spray nozzle. The spray drying process was assisted with the use of a blow torch or blower.


Using the other half of the spalted beech block Pat proceeded to work on an experimental bowl shape with a flat edge which was decorated and sprayed black - the end result was a classic Sombrero Bowl. Thanks to Pat for a great entertaining demonstration. 


Entries for the critique section included:- Two spalted beech bowls – Noel Byrne, olive ash cored bowl – Cecil Barron, ash mantra ray textured bowl, and 17” textured ash platter  – Pat Halligan, cherry bowl – James Halligan, Nativity scene (3 figures) in yew and bog oak – Peter Donagh, 2 matching carved white deal tea lights – Bob Dier.  Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his constructive guidance. 


tn_Pat Carroll's Demo - Aug 2011


Spalted Beech Bowl

Noel Byrne 

Cored Olive Ash Bowl

 Cecil Barron 



Ash Mantra Ray textured Bowl

Pat Halligan

Textured Ash platter

 Pat Halligan


White Deal tea lights

Bob Dier