North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

 August 2014


We were pleased to welcome our guest demonstrator Christien Van Bussel for our August meeting, showing us how to turn and decorate a picture frame / mirror frame.


Starting with a 7” Ash bowl blank, a flat surface was achieved using a bowl gouge with a short bevel. Mark depth and width of the ring that will form the frame, and using a fine parting tool cut a groove to seat the face of the mirror. Continue to remove the balance of the interior of the ring using the parting tool. At this stage the back of the frame is sanded, and an ultra fine finish can be achieved using various grades of Webrax pads or Nyweb pads.  


These light abrasives are made from a mat of nylon filament similar to domestic pot scours, and come in a variety of colours, grits and names depending on the manufacturers. The common ones are Green – 220g: Brown – 280g: Maroon – 360g: Red – 600g: Orange – 1000G: Grey – 1500g: White – non-abrasive. 


Secure the ring with duct tape before parting off.  Using the remainder of the already mounted blank, cut a spigot to form a jam chuck to reverse the ring to shape and decorate the front using a spindle gouge – ensuring to keep the bevel rubbing – otherwise tear-out will occur.  The balance of the blank may be turned into a bowl shaped night light.  Christien demonstrated the square nosed scraper to achieve a good finish on the bowl shape – presenting the tool at an angle of 45 degrees at centre height, and stabilizing the handle by supporting it against the forearm, and cutting at the lower third of the edge.  The corner edges of the scraper were sanded for ease of movement on the tool rest. 


A 2” round of elm was mounted to make a series of decorative buttons for the frame. Start with a flat surface and shape a cove in the centre.  Sand before texturing with the Elf; presenting the tool above centre, and the lathe running at slow speed.   Thanks Christien for a most instructive presentation, packed with practical tips and inspiration. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the exhibits and for humanely catching the visiting swallow :-



tn_Seamus captures a swallow


Seamus catches the visiting swallow




tn_Invasion – Dave Carroll.

8 coloured mice – Dave Carroll: 


tn_Ash Bowl – John Conneff.


Ash bowl & Yew hollow form – John Conneff: 


 tn_Walnut wedding goblet – Kevin Milton

Walnut wedding goblet – Kevin Milton: 


 tn_Sectioned Beech bowl – Patrick McKevett.


Sectioned Beech bowl – Patrick McKevett: 


 tn_Exotic & Cherry pens – Eamonn McKelvey

2 pens,


Ash pedestal bowl & bowl holding jig – Eamonn McKelvey.