North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

Aug 2015


We were privileged to welcome Gabriel Wall, S/E Chapter, as our demonstrator for August, together with his supporters from the S/E and Dublin Chapters. Gabriel’s project was a lamp using two contrasting timbers. 


tn_Gabriel Wall lamps P1030941

Gabriel Wall lamps


Starting with the top of the lamp, a piece of burr oak was mounted in the chuck, sufficient to turn a 4” neck and a spigot to fit base. An 8mm bore was inserted with a 10mm opening to facilitate the brass nipple to be hand screwed into position.


Next, the 11”x7” Ash base was mounted in jaws: the centre bore having been completed on a pillar drill.  Using a 7/8” drill, bore recess to accommodate the burr spigot and fit the neck into position.  Mark the base at 3.5” from bottom as a guide for shaping the curve of the base.  Shape the lamp and blend the turning to mesh with the burr top section.  Drill facility for wiring on bottom curve, and shear scrape the final finishing cuts.  The neck was removed to allow the base to be scorched with a blowtorch.  The base was then brushed down with a spud brush before brushing on special effects black wax, while the burr section was given a coat of Organoil.  The base was then sprayed with a coat of ebonising lacquer for the final finish, and the lamp assembled when dry. 


A second lamp of similar proportions was turned in jig time, and in this demonstration white twine was tightly wrapped around the base to give a corded texture and contrasting finish to both lamps.  Thanks Gabriel for a fascinating show. 


We convey our best wishes to John and Joyce Conneff as they prepare to downsize and move home in Oldcastle, before the end of August.  Many thanks to John for inviting the Chapter to his copious wood stores, to stock up with whatever timber we required before the big move.  The hum of chainsaws filled the evening air, as cars, vans and trailers were filled with laburnum, holy, ash, beech, sycamore, cherry and many more species of timber.  A local charity would have benefited from the modest collection.  Thank you very much John, for your much appreciated invitation, and generous sharing of your valuable resources. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for conducting the critique on the following items:-


tn_Parana Pine spoon Kevin Milton P1030936


Parana Pine spoon – Kevin Milton. 


tn_Ask finial pot Eamonn McKelvey P1030931


Ash finial pot and Holy off-centre candlestick – Eamonn McKelvey.


tn_Macracapra Pine hat Richard Coyle P1030927


 Macracapra pine hat and Zebrano lidded box – Richard Coyle.  


tn_Cherry salad servers James Halligan P1030929


Cherry salad spoon & fork – James Halligan.  


tn_Ebonised Oak clock Bob Dier P1030944


Ebonised Oak clock – Bob Dier.  


tn_Beech, Poplar Candlestick Gerard Corrigan P1030930


Beech candlestick that was turned by Gerard Corrigan and Lockie O’Sullivan using only a skew chisel at a training exercise in Joe Laird’s workshop during June 2011.   Gerard added the Poplar base and presented it as a tribute to the late Lockie O’Sullivan.