North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

August 2016 

We were pleased to welcome Christien van Bussel back to the Carthouse for our August demonstration when she treated us to a variety of techniques which included tool presentation, sharpening and using carpenter’s scrapers, ebonizing, decorating and a unique form of finial turning – all included in crafting a beech two-tier cake stand.   


The pre-made base was 8.5”, and the 7” top tier and fittings were demonstrated on the day.  The top was mounted on a screw chuck to prepare its base using a round nose scraper presented at 45 degrees to flatten the base.  A pull cut with the wing of a bowl gouge was used for the final cuts while keeping the bevel rubbing.  Next, a recess was cut for the chuck.  Part cut a central hole to accommodate central support.  Decorate internal area of recess.  Use carpenter’s scraper to remove rough end grain.  The carpenter’s Scraper was sharpened by presenting the scraper at 90 degrees to the sharpening wheel.  Finish with a food safe oil.   



tn_Christien van Bussel explaining her technique P1040454

Christien explaining her technique



Reverse chuck and recess the inside of the plate.  Refine the rim with a skew chisel, and using a flat scraper at 45 degrees on centre point continue to flatten the inside face.  Complete cutting the central hole to match up with the partly cut hole in base.  Next for turning was the central support – 2.5” square x 6” was mounted between centers, and a spigot cut and remounted in chuck.  Drill hole in top of central support to accommodate the finial spigot.  Remount between centers: cut spigot at tailstock end to fit into base plate, and at drive end cut spigot to fit through top plate with sufficient length to support finial.  Turn an oval shape support with a central large bead for decorating, sand and apply ebonizing lacquer to the bead and dry with hair drier.  Decorate the bead using a point tool. 


The finial was turned from a 2.5” cube.  Take 15mm off two opposite corners for mounting between centers.  Cut off 3 corners with spindle gouge, then, cut a spigot at drive end to fit into central support, and continue to shape rest of finial.  Mount in chuck to turn out mini bowl leaving button in bottom of bowl for decoration, while retaining the remaining 3 corners.  Sand the 3 top edges with sandpaper on cork block.  Thanks Christien for a comprehensive demonstration.  


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-




tn_Red deal Hedgehogs Eamonn McKelveyP1040456

3 Red Deal hedgehogs – Eamonn McKelvey: 




tn_Yew hollow form - Tony Thwaites P1040457

Yew hollow form – Tony Thwaites: 





tn_Mahogany decorated box - Cecil Barron P1040459

 Bowl of fruit & Mahogany decorated box & Olive Ash vase -   Cecil Barron: 



tn_Ash barrel box with bowl weave - Kevin Milton P1040460

Ash barrel box – Kevin Milton: