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It was great to have Michael Fay with us from the Dublin Chapter for our August meeting. Michael started the demonstration with the highlighting of a number of safety aspects including the use of safety glasses, air ventilator and the tightening of the chuck at both key points.

Micahael Fay - August 2010


His project was an ear-ring stand incorporating a small jewelry box as its base.  Using a section of maple floor board for the ear-ring holder he mounted the disc by jamming it between the chuck and the tailstock, and turned a 2 mm x 35 mm spigot on each side.  His template story board contained all the measurements required for the project, together with a jig with 24 x 2.5 mm holes which was fitted onto the ear-ring base using a jam chuck and drilled accordingly.  The disc was then reduced in diameter to avoid holes being too far from the edge, and was further reduced in thickness to 4 mm, thus taking out any possible drill damage.  





Using a 3/8 bowl gouge he shaped and completed the bowl and lid.   The central spindle stem was turned to 130 mm in length, and the four parts were glued together and finished with Danish Oil.  The second coat was applied with fine steel wool which also acted as a denibber of the previous application.