November 2011


Seamus Cassidy kindly stepped into the breach at short notice for our December meeting, making three items in quick succession.  First on the agenda was a Yew Candlestick made from 3”x3”x6”.  The base was drilled for mounting on a screw chuck.  A spacer disk the same size as the base was mounted on the screw chuck before screwing on the candlestick blank, (this spacer disk can be very handy when making a batch of candlesticks).  


With a drill bit mounted in the tail stock drill the top to accommodate the candle holder.   Using a roughing gouge bring the unit to a cylinder the same size as the base spacer.  Continue to add shape with the roughing gouge before cleaning up top with the skew.  Decorate the neck with 6 beads using the skew and finish the beads with the parting tool.  Chamfer the sharp edge at the top, and create a larger bead at the base of the stem.  Commence sanding at 180 grit and sand base on belt sander, before applying self adhesive felt to base.  Target for a production rate of 8 per hour.  


Next production piece was a Planting Dibler – starting with a 2”x2”x10” blank, form into a cone shape with a rounded top.  It can be time saving with batch work to place masking tape on the tool rest with 13 divisions marked at 10mm intervals.  Using the skew cut the 13 v groves.  Sand and mark off section for decorating.  Decorate using a round nose dremel and scorch decorated area with blow-torch.  Clean with deck scrubbing brush, and recut groves where necessary.  Finish by soaking in Liquid Paraffin over night or apply Woodoc 10 oil. 


Seamus’s third production item was a Bottle Stopper turned from a blank measuring 1”x1”x6”.  Mounted between centers turn to cylinder, and create spigot for mounting the cork.  Glue the cork onto the spigot.  Remount between centers and shape handle – rounding the end.  Using a very sharp skew taper the cork to measure 12.5mm at the top.  Lightly sand, and turn handle at tail stock end first in preparation for parting off.   Soak in Liquid Paraffin over night.  Drain and dry off with kitchen roll paper for the perfect finish. 


Thanks to Seamus for sharing his methods and techniques for the above items, and providing the critique on the following turnings:-  

Laminated Cherry / Walnut Lamp – James Halligan 


Elm Platter (Winning entry in Under 19’s Sect., Killarney Seminar) – James Halligan Jr.

tn_Elm platter - James Halligan JrDec2011


2 matching Square Bowls – Iroko – Pat Halligan.


tn_Pair of Iroko bowls - Pat HalliganDec2011



2 matching Square Bowls – Red Deal – Bob Dier. 


Walnut Goblet with 2 Captive Rings – Luke Sharkey.

tn_Walnut goblet - Luke SharkeyDec2011


Tip of the day: Use PVA glue for hidden joints only, as these joints will show through time.  Tight Bond is best for segmented joints. 


The AGM was next on the agenda, with the following members being elected to officiate for 2012:- 

Chairman                  Peter Donagh:              

Secretary                 James Halligan Snr. 

Treasurer                 John Conneff             

Deputy Treasurer       Luke Sharkey 

Librarian                   Richard Coyle              

P.R.O.                       Bob Dier 

Catering          Gerard Corrigan & Luke Sharkey



Congratulations to the Christmas draw winners:  Tony Thwaites, Patrick Nolan and Pat Halligan.