North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

December 2014


Our Chairman, Peter Donagh, opened our 14th AGM by observing a period of silence to remember past deceased members, and especially for Loughlin (Lockie) O’Sullivan whose regretted death occurred on 5th December. 


He paid tribute to the outgoing committee, and also conveyed thanks to Seamus Cassidy for providing his premises and lathe for our monthly demonstrations. An average of 20 members attended the monthly meetings during the year, and the number of items submitted for critique increased from 50 during 2012, to 110 during 2014. The following members were elected to officiate for 2015:- 


     Chairman:    Peter Donagh.      

     Secetary:    Dave Carroll.         

     Asst. Sec.:  Seamus Cassidy. 

     Treasurer:   Richard Coyle.    

     PRO:           Bob Dier.              

     Web Site:    Dave Kelly

     Catering:     Gerard Corrigan. 


Seamus Cassidy treated us to a master-class in crafting a goblet with two captive rings.  Starting with a 7” x 3” Cherry blank mounted between centers, cut a spigot at drive end for mounting in chuck.  Hollow out the cup of the goblet using a standard spindle gouge, and finish with a curved scraper or a Simon Hope mini scraper, using both set at 45 degrees. 


tn_Seamus Cassidy turning a captive ring goblet

Seamus Cassidy turning a captive ring goblet



The perfect bottom curve of the cup being achieved by using the tool rest to implement a pivot action with the tool.  Bring up the tail stock to provide the necessary support for the cup while finishing its outside with a long grind spindle gouge in sheer scraping mode.  Position and roll two beads for the rings, undercut both sides, and sand top and sides before cutting off.  Next, glue on a strip of sandpaper to the stem to facilitate sanding the inside of the rings.  Continue to shape the stem and base, leaving the base the same diameter as the top of the goblet.  Finish with Danish oil, and don’t use for drinking purposes for at least seven days.  Thanks Seamus for your very comprehensive instructions. 


Seamus continued with critique on the following items:- 


tn_Redwood- Mahogany set - Eamonn McKelvey 

Mahogany and Redwood golf ball/clock/pen stand – Eamonn McKelvey: 




tn_Yew salt & pepper on bog oak - Peter Donagh

Yew / bog oak salt & pepper set – Peter Donagh: 


tn_Yew- Ebony Nativity - Peter Donagh

Yew/Ebony Nativity Set – Peter Donagh: 



tn_Three ladies in bleached Ash - Kevin Milton

Bleached Ash set of female figures – Kevin Milton: 



tn_Iroko popery box - Bob Dier

Iroko popery box – Bob Dier: 



 tn_Teak-Walnut box - Noel Byrne

Teak/walnut box – Noel Byrne: 



tn_Spalted Ash bowl - Noel Byrne

Spalted Ash bowl – Noel Byrne:



tn_Ash bowl - Noel Byrne

Ash bowl – Noel Byrne: 



tn_American Cherry cake stand - Dave Carroll

American Cherry cake stand – Dave Carroll: 



tn_Elm Fruit bowl - John Conneff

Crossdrum Elm fruit Plate and Elm bowl  – John Conneff.  


tn_Yew candlesticks - John Conneff

Pair of Yew candlesticks – John Conneff.