North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

 December 2015

As members of the Northeast Chapter gathered for our 15th Annual General Meeting, our thoughts and concerns extended to those citizens in the west and south of the country battling the devastating effects of the floods during Advent. Our Chairman, Peter Donagh, was flood bound, and in his absence Dave Carroll chaired the meeting. 


The following members were elected to officiate for 2016:- 

Chairperson                   Peter Donagh                         

Secretary                        Imelda Connolly 

Treasurer                       Richard Coyle                          

PRO                                  Bob Dier 

Web Master                   Dave Kelly                               

Catering Manager        Gerard Corrigan 


After the meeting and the festive afternoon tea-break, Seamus Cassidy demonstrated turning a pair of scoops.  Starting with a 75mm x 150mm block of American Cherry mounted between centers, and turned to a cylinder.  Using the diameter of the cylinder, mark the length of the sphere at the tailstock end, together with its centre line.  Insert two additional lined – 2mm each side of the centre line: this 4mm area must not be touched when shaping the sphere, as this flat area can be blended in when sanding.  The balance of the cylinder is used to turn the handle.  Shape the sphere using a spindle gouge slightly above centre.  Control the cut by presenting the tool on bevel and gradually raising the handle to start fine cuts.  A template may be used to check the trueness of the sphere.  Set up a V block jig with its 150mm precut central slot to guide the band-saw blade.   


tn_Seamus Cassidy turning scoops P1040136

Seamus Cassidy turning scoops


Next, mount the sphere in the V block ensuring the handle sits on the central line, and proceed to slice the turning in equal halves.  To mount the scoop - prepare a jam chuck and insert 3 dots of hot melt glue, and jam the scoop into position using a flat mounted in the tailstock to ensure scoop is mounted centrally.  Wrap red tape on the full length of the handle as an added visual and safety feature.  After turning out the centre of the scoop, the end of the handle was slightly curved using a sander.  The scoop was finished with liquid paraffin and presented to our youngest member, Niamh Connolly.   Thanks Seamus for making the process look so repeatable.  


Thanks Seamus for your critique on the following exhibits:-  


 tn_Yew lamp - James Halligan P1040131

Yew Lamp – James Halligan. 



tn_Yew volcanic bowl - James Halligan P1040132

Yew volcanic bowl – James Halligan.  




tn_Oak desk set - Eamonn McKelvey - P1040128 

Oak desk set – Eamonn McKelvey.  



tn_LaurelRowan off-center bottle stopper - Kevin Milton P1040125 

Laurel and Rowan off centre bottle stoppers – Kevin Milton. 



tn_Inlay Pen - Bob Dier P1040129

 Pen with Guinness can & credit card insets – Bob Dier.  



tn_Cherry night light - Dave Carroll P1040134 

Cherry night light – Dave Carroll.  



tn_Burr Oak Platter - Noel Byrne P1040135 

18” Burr Oak platter – Noel Byrne.