North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

December 2017 

The 17th Annual General Meeting of the Chapter was held in December, and the following members were elected to officiate for 2018:- 

Chairperson              Paul O’Leary              

Vice Chairperson       Peter Donagh 

Secretary                Dave Carroll                Treasurer                 Richard Coyle 

PRO                        Bob Dier                    

Web Master               Dave Kelly 

Catering Manager      Gerard Corrigan. 


The elections were followed by a lively discussion, which included the issue of falling membership numbers and possible ways to promote our local Chapter.  Should any other Chapters have any suggestions for recruiting new members we would be delighted to hear from you.  


tn_Seamus Cassidy's purfect inspiration for relaxation IMG_0429

Seamus Cassidy's purrfect inspiration for relaxation



Thanks to Peter Donagh for his critique on the following exhibits:- 


 tn_Spalted beech goblet - Paul O'Leary IMG_0437

Spalted Beech goblet  – Paul O’Leary: 



tn_Beech Christmas decoration Paul O'Leary IMG_0436

Beech Christmas tree decoration – Paul O’Leary:



 tn_Ash decorated bowl - Kevin Milton IMG_0433

Ash decorated bowl – Kevin Milton



tn_Cherry 12 sided polygon Kevin Milton IMG_0432

Cherry 12 sided polygon – Kevin Milton



tn_Mahogany Whale bone vertebra - Kevin Milton IMG_0431

 Mahogany whale bone vertebra – Kevin Milton: 




 tn_Mahogany, Beech Ebony trinket boxes - Bob Dier IMG_0444

Mahogany / Beech / Ebony triangular trinket box – Bob Dier. 




Words of wisdom for the new year: 

  • Measure once – curse twice, or is it, measure twice and cut once. 
  • Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
  • Catches are the bane of novice turners and overly aggressive professionals. Catches   can cause nasty gouges in the work-piece if the cutting tool is positioned with too much of it hanging over the tool rest, a strong catch can occur, and which would be considered a ‘bad thing’ and most likely to cause loud exclamations of words that we do not encourage our children to use.