North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

February 2015


Our new Jet 1642 lathe was in situ in Seamus Cassidy’s Studio for our February meeting, and Charlie Ryan, Dublin Chapter, was our first invited demonstrator to test its capabilities. 


tn_The Charlie Ryan clock P1030679

 The Charlie Ryan clock


Charlie's project was a Walnut framed clock comprising eight turned components – an outer ring, inner clock holding unit, two spacers between the clock and outer ring, two pins to link the outer ring, spacers and clock, and two stabilizing legs fitted to the back to support the whole assembly. The blank was mounted between the chuck and tailstock to create a chucking point at the back of the clock. Mark the centre of the chucking point. Mount in chuck and clean up face and outer edge. Mark centre lines both vertical and horizontal to locate drilling points for link pins and stabilizing legs, taking care to ensuring the orientation of the grain. Mount drill guide in banjo and drill the four holes. Start back recess for cutting off outer ring. Reverse chuck and cut front recess to meet back recess – round over outer edges of front of outer ring before parting off. Continue to shape and cut recess for fitting clock. Reverse chuck to remove original chucking point. The outer ring was mounted on a homemade expanding jam chuck (similar to Cole jaws) for refining. The remaining components were turned in preparation for assembly. He concluded his demonstration by presenting a set of components for a framed clock to our youngest member, Niamh Connolly. Thanks Charlie for the banter and a very elegant timepiece.  




Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following submissions:-


tn_Butterfly & corn Cherry Bowl - Peter Donagh P1030666

Butterfly / corn Cherry bowl –

 Peter Donagh



tn_Cherry studded bowl - Peter Donagh P1030667

Studded Cherry bowl – 

Peter Donagh 



tn_Beech clock - Noel Sharkey P1030676

Beech clock –

Noel Sharkey



tn_Pens - Noel Sharkey & Tom McCourt P1030674

Two pens –

Noel Sharkey & Tom McCourt




tn_1 metre high Maple goblet with captive ring - Cecil Barron P1030677

3 foot high micro stemmed Maple

goblet with captive ring –

Cecil Barron:  


tn_Five point rim Cherry bowlJohn Conneff P1030669

Cherry bowl with 3 point rim, Cherry bowl

with 5 point rim –

John Conneff:  



tn_Burr Elm Bowl - John Conneff P1030665

Burr Elm bowl with elm saw-

dust and resin section –

John Conneff:


tn_Spalted Beech deep hollow box Dave Carroll P1030675

Spalted Beech deep hollowed box –

Dave Carroll:  



tn_Burr Chestnut Platter - Gene McConnell P1030662

Burr Chestnut platter –

 Gene McConnell:  


tn_Christmas Tree Pine Urn - Kevin Milton P1030660

Christmas tree Pine urn –

Kevin Milton:





tn_Sycamore Popery Pot - Bob Dier P1030664

Sycamore popery pot –

Bob Dier:  




tn_3 legged Cherry bowl - James Halligan P1030671

Cherry bowl with three legs which was turned by Peter Donagh last month, and finished this month by James Halligan.  James removed the internal bark feature by cutting out a V section, and this was complemented by cutting out another 4 similar V sections.  These cut our areas were decorated with steel wire inserts.  A textured and coloured band completed the transformation.