North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

 February 2016

Peter Donagh, our Chairperson, was demonstrator for February, taking us through the process of turning an off centre bowl. Starting with a 9” Horse Chestnut blank mounted on a screw chuck, the back of the bowl was shaped using a 3/8” bowl gouge. Chestnut can be prone to torn grain; the problem can be removed with an application of liquid paraffin prior to a light touch with a negative rake scraper, and finished with sanding. 

tn_Peter Donagh's off centre jig P1040185

Peter's off centre jig


The off centre jig consisted of a 10” x 1.5” disk with a ring face plate on one side held centrally in place with a screw at top and another permanent screw at the bottom.  The centre point of the jig was marked on the other side – it was on this side that the base of the bowl was centrally placed and securely glued into position.  Mount the ring in the chuck to clean the face and mark out a series of beads on the face of the bowl.  Spray on cellulose sanding sealer, and when dry apply a spray coat of ebony.  Cut a small groove to remove the screw chuck hole – this will help to avoid tool interference when cutting off centre.  Remove jig & bowl, and remove top screw of ring plate and re-screw at 1” to the left.  Remount ring plate in chuck and continue to turn the inside of the bowl in the off centre position.  Power sand, spray with sanding sealer, and finish with EEE, followed by friction polish.  A light application of Verdi Gris and a touch of gold finger to the ebonized area gives the finishing touch.  The ring plate is repositioned to the original position to part off the bowl from the jig.  Thanks Peter for a very comprehensive presentation. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his invaluable critique on the following exhibits:-


tn_Yew Ebony Barrel - Kevin Milton P1040176

Yew/Ebony barrel – Kevin Milton.  


tn_Iroko box - Bob Dier P1040179

Iroko box – Bob Dier.  



tn_Iroko trophy - Bob Dier P1040178

Iroko trophy stand – Bob Dier.  



tn_Oak bowl - Dave Carroll P1040177

Oak small bowl – Dave Carroll.  


tn_Laburnum Lamps - James Halligan P1040181 (2)

Laburnum lamps – James Halligan.