North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

February 2017

Our newly elected President, Dave Carroll, showed us how to turn and construct a four piece balanced wine bottle holder.  The first stage involved drilling a 6mm hole through a section of Iroko 60mm x 20mm. This was secured with a 6mm bolt mounted through a holding jig which was fitted in the chuck.  Turn and shape outside diameter of bottle holding ring to 50mm, and burn a decorative line round its outside diameter.  Mark inside diameter at 35mm and cut out centre to half way; reverse chuck and complete cutting out centre section.  Drill hole in end grain of ring for fitting stem. 



tn_Dave Carroll's wine bottle holder P1040756

Dave Carroll's wine bottle holder


Second stage is to turn the base from a piece of Cherry 82mm x 37mm.  Cut a recess in the bottom for remounting to shape the top with a 45 degree angled cone.  Drill a 6mm hole in the top of the cone to fit a decorative finial.  Drill a 6mm hole at 45 degrees in the side of the cone for fitting the other end of the stem. 


The third stage is to turn the stem from a piece of Cherry 200mm x 25mm to facilitate a 112mm decorated stem plus12mm spigots at each end, and also sufficient timber to turn a 50mm finial.  Assemble all 4 parts and place neck of wine bottle into the ring of the  balanced wine bottle holder. 


tn_Dave Carroll setting up his drilling jig P1040754

Dave Carroll setting up his drilling jig


The demonstration concluded featuring further advanced breathtaking experiments using the Lichtenberg Technique on a variety of timbers – the results were encouraging.  Thanks Dave for a stimulating presentation. 


tn_Dave Carroll experimenting with the Lichtenberg Technique P1040759

Dave Carroll experimenting

with the Lichtenberg Technique


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-  




tn_Mahogany barley twist gobletts Kevin Milton P1040743

Pair of Mahogany barley twist goblets – Kevin Milton: 



tn_Elm dissapearing ball trick - Eamonn McKelvey P1040745 

Disappearing ball, Elm, - Eamonn McKelvey: 



tn_Myrtle vase - Cecil Barron P1040746

 Myrtle deep vase  – Cecil Barron:



tn_Lilac potpourri bowl - Bob Dier P1040749 

Lilac pot pourri bowl – Bob Dier: 




tn_Elm bowl - Frank Trappe P1040740 

Yew bowl – Frank Trappe: 



tn_Segmented bowl, Walnut,Beech, Maple - Neil Gwynne P1040738 

Walnut, Beech, Maple segmented bowl,

 – Neil McGwynne. 


tn_Monkey Puzzle flower pot Cecil Barron P1040748

Monkey Puzzle pot – Cecil Barron: 



tn_Ash vases - Neil Gwynne P1040739

2 Ash vases, eggcup and captive ring spindle – Neil McGwynne.