North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild



 January 2013


The 13th AGM of the Northeast Chapter was first on the agenda, with the following members being elected to officiate for 2013:-  

Chairman               Peter Donagh   

Secretary              Dave Carroll   

Deputy Sec.           Seamus Cassidy

Treasurer               Richard Coyle

Deputy Treasurer    Pamela McMahon  

P.R.O.                   Bob Dier

Web Site                Dave Kelly


Seamus Cassidy treated us to an accomplished demonstration in natural edge wet bowl turning.  Armed with chainsaw, he sliced a large ring from a Wild Cherry tree that had recently been acquired.  This slice was scrutinized to determine the most appropriate position to cut out a 10” x 8” bowl blank that would give a balanced natural edge. 


The blank was marked and cut out on the bandsaw.  The centre section of the bark and sap wood was cut away to provide a solid grip for engaging the drive, and the blank was mounted between centres ensuring that the two high sides and the two low sides were well balanced.  Turning wet timber takes the edge off cutting tools five times faster than dry timber, therefore frequent sharpening is essential. 


 The outside of the bowl was shaped from base to rim, repositioning the blank if required to ensure a balanced natural edge.  Final sheer scrape cuts progressing from bottom to top in one pass ensures minimal sanding.  Next a basin of warm water was placed under the turning: sanding was started by dipping 120 grit sandpaper wrapped on a sanding block into the water and rinsing frequently to clear the grit as sanding progressed.  Continue wet sanding going through the various grits. 


tn_Seamus Cassidy with wet turned Wild Cherry Bowl

Seamus Cassidy with wet turned Wild Cherry Bowl



Seamus reverse chucked the bowl and turned the inside to a wall thickness of 4 mm, ensuring that the chisel is kept sharp at all times – a blunt chisel requires additional pressure which could cause spigot to break. Ensure base is similar thickness to walls – otherwise the risk of the base splitting is greater. Wet sand the inside and trim bark from rim. It is essential to complete this type of turning as speedily as possible, as the drying process will rapidly distort the bowl shape. The contrast between the white sapwood and the darker hardwood gave the finished item that wow factor. 


Seamus also provided the critique for the following items:- Large Macrocarpa salad bowl – Tony Thwaites: 


tn_Macrocarpa Salad bowl - Tony Thwaites

Macrocarpa Salad bowl - Tony Thwaites 


Walnut bowl with aluminium insets, and three tier spinning Mahogany  novelty item – Cecil Barron: 


tn_Walnut bowl with aluminium insets - Cecil Barron

Walnut bowl with aluminium insets - Cecil Barron



tn_Mahogany spinning magic - Cecil Barron

Mahogany spinning magic - Cecil Barron




Decorated Walnut bowl – Pat Halligan: 


tn_Walnut bowl - Pat Halligan

Walnut bowl - Pat Halligan



Textured Ash bowl – Peter Donagh: 


tn_Textured Ash bowl - Peter Donagh

Textured Ash bowl - Peter Donagh



Skeleton clock set in spalted Beech and Ebony trimmings– Bob Dier. 


tn_Spalted Beech skeleton clock - Bob Dier

Spalted Beech skeleton clock - Bob Dier


Thanks Seamus for a splendid insight into wet turning and your valued critique. 


By the way, watch out for the dreaded woodworm which tend to emerge during March , April and May.