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  January 2014


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Peter Donagh, North East Chapter, went back to basics in demonstrating his techniques in turning an apple and pear from Yew branch-wood. Both fruits were progressed simultaneously, as the turning methods were similar in each case. 


Jan 3


Peter Donagh – Yew pear & apple


Shaping the pear will require a 3” x 4” log, while a 3” x 3.25” log would be needed for the apple, and both can be turned in the following sequence:-  

1 Mount between centers and bring to a cylinder with a spigot at the stem end for mounting in chuck.  

2 Mount in chuck and use the tailstock for additional support.  Mark the widest point of the pear at a third of its overall length from the tailstock.  Continue to shape towards the neck at the drive end.  When selecting the widest point of the apple ensure that the blossom end is slightly longer than the stem end. 

3 Remove the tailstock and blend in the dimple for fitting a clove to resemble the remains of the blossom. 

4 Part off at spigot and remount blossom end on screw chuck.  Turn slight hollow for stem.  Sand, apply Sanding Sealer, followed by EEE polish, followed by Speed & Ease. 

5 Drill straight in at blossom end and glue in clove.  Turn stem from contrasting timber and cut off at 30 degrees.  Drill in at a slight angle at the stem end and glue stem into position.  


Concluding the demonstration, Peter kept us on tender hooks as he turned a long stemmed goblet – 225mm long with a 3mm stem.  


Congratulations Peter on finishing all three projects to such a high standard in record time. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following items:-  


tn_Yellow Pine Clock – Chris Griffin.

Yellow Pine clock – Chris Griffin:  



tn_Matching Candlesticks – Birch Plywood – Gerard Corrigan.

Birch Plywood matching candle sticks – Gerard Corrigan:  



tn_Monkey Puzzle hollow form – Cecil Barron

Monkey Puzzle hollow vase – Cecil Barron:


tn_Elm Hollow form – Cecil Barron

Elm hollow vase – Cecil Barron:



tn_Laburnum bowl – John Conneff.

 Laburnum bowl – John Conneff:  



tn_Yew Burr Elm – toad stools – Bob Dier.

Yew and Burr Elm toad stools – Bob Dier.