North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

January 2015


The good news at the start of the new year’s turning season comes from the IWG; when it was announced that a grant of had been approved towards the cost of purchasing a lathe for the Northeast Chapter.  This is a very welcome development, and we are grateful to all concerned for supporting our Chapter with this opportunity for progression.  


Our Chairman, Peter Donagh, displayed his mastery of the woodturning craft when he converted a previously wet rough turned blank of Cherry which contained an internal bark feature, and with provision for incorporating three feet. The bowl was mounted between the chuck and tailstock to reshape the base spigot and the outside. The bowl is then mounted in the chuck to reshape the warped rim and inside. 




Remount between chuck and tailstock to finish turning the outside.  Mark the centre lines for each of the three feet on the foot ring, and allow .5” each side of the centre line at the top, and .25” each side of centre at the bottom.  Cut shape of feet with a hacksaw, and cut away waste using an arbortech.  Refine and blend in roughed out area with sanding disk fitted in arbortech.  The bowl is remounted in the chuck to refine the inside, using a long handled negative rake scraper which was sharpened on the 80 degree bevel.


The unfinished bowl was raffled with conditions - and the winner, James Halligan, was given the task of final finishing and adding decoration if deemed fitting, and to bring back the bowl for critique the following month.  Thanks Peter for a very comprehensive demonstration. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-



tn_Sycamore Bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1030642

Sycamore bowl on base –

Eamonn McKelvey:  




tn_Walnut Homeland Security Baton - Cecil Barron P1030644

Walnut Home Security baton, and Cocoa Frother which was Mexican made on a foot lathe –

Cecil Barron: 




tn_Mahogany clock Kevin Milton P1030640

Mahogany clock and Cherry square bowl –

Kevin Milton: 




tn_Sycamore Barley Twist Lamp Gene McConnell P1030647

Sycamore barley twist lamp –

 Eugene McConnell: 



tn_Spalted Beech Skeleton Clock - Bob Dier P1030648

Spalted Beech skeleton clock –

 Bob Dier: 




tn_Cherry salt & pepper set - Dave Carroll P1030639

Cherry pepper & salt set –

 Dave Carroll.