North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild



 July 2013


A balmy Summer’s day provided the ideal setting for our annual BBQ at Seamus Cassidy’s Woodturning Studio, where we had a full day packed with demonstrations and ‘hands-on’ turning opportunities.


The morning started with Robert O’Connor turning a 9” spalted Sycamore bowl decorated with two raised coloured beads.  The basic design incorporated a rounded base with straight sides to accommodate the two raised beads.  The 2” spigot at the base had a centre reference point inserted for later re-chucking.  A point tool was used to cut groves each side of the two beads, and wire burn lines inserted to avoid the spirit stain colouring from running.  The beads were raised by using a flat scraper ground back to an angle of 45 degrees and presented at 45 degrees.  The spirit stain was sealed by an application of spray lacquer.  After reverse chucking the aim was for thin walls with an inward sloping rim.  The use of a negative rake scraper is ideal for cutting ripples from inside the bowl.  The 3 mops Beall Polishing System with its polishing compounds was used for the finish which accomplished spectacular results. 



Thanks to all involved in organizing the BBQ - Imelda Connolly and Chris Hayes for acting as chief cooks, Michael Clarke for coordinating the grub – an excellent presentation, and enjoyed by all, to James Halligan who kindly distributed a box of Oak saplings, to McQuillans for the deal on items for the raffle, and also to Peter Donagh for donating two gouges, and to Cecil Barron for supplying two large boxes of timber – members were invited to take a number of pieces and make items which will be offered for sale to raise much needed funds for Alzheimer’s Society. 


Seamus Cassidy continued the demonstration with a ‘work in progress’ project.  This comprised of a series of ornate form cup shaped items which were turned from 3” Ash cubes.  The objective was to make a multitude of variations of the basic form, decorating sections using the Dremel and applying Acrylic colouring to selected sections.  Both Seamus and Robert O’Connor were combining their skills in preparing this project for the Gathering Festival in Gorey during August. 


After the BBQ the afternoon comprised of a ‘hands-on’ session.  There were 3 lathes in action, and with Seamus and Robert as mentors.   All present were given the opportunity to turn using a variety of tools.  It provided a great experience working with various grinds and their application, and also experiencing the benefits of using the Negative Rake scraper. 


Robert also provided the critique for the following items:- 


tn_Spalted Beech Platter - Cecil Barron


Spalted Beech Platter – Cecil Barron: 



tn_Holly candle sticks - James Halligan

Pair of Holly candle sticks – James Halligan: 



tn_Elm - 3 footed bowl - Pat Halligan

Elm 3 footedbowl, 12” Elm bowl - Pat Halligan:


tn_Burr Elm natural edge bowl - Pat Halligan

Burr Elm natural edge bowl – Pat Halligan: 


tn_Sycamore natural edge bowl - Bob Dier

Sycamore natural edge bowl – Bob Dier: 


tn_Red Deal Mahogany Skeleton Clock - Pat Doyle

Red Deal and Mahogany skeleton clock – Pat Doyle: 


Apologies, no photographs are available for an Ash / Ebony lecturer’s baton by Kevin Milton. and a Maple and Walnut back-scratcher by Cecil Barron.