North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

 July 2014


Dave Carroll, Secetary, extended sympathy to Gene McConnell on the recent death of his mother, and he welcomed Robert O’Connor, Gorey Chapter, to our annual BBQ and demonstrator for the day.  Robert started with a 9” x 15” Robina log which he shaped into a classic lamp, featuring a 2” natural edge base with a cove separating a bulbous body flowing into an elegant neck. 


tn_Robina lamp – Robert O’Connor

Robina lamp – Robert O’Connor


His second project was a beaded Ash bowl.  Having shaped the outside of the bowl the surface was refined using a flat scraper presented at 45 degrees.  Next the spindle gouge performed a spectacular feat of magic - a series of beads comprising of narrower beads at the bottom progressing to broader beads at the top were formed in one continuous movement without the gouge leaving the surface of the bowl.  Using the Arbortech the rim was textured and the beads lightly textured.  A deep scorch was applied with the blow torch, and the burning quenched with water spray on a regular basis.  After allowing to cool down, the scorching was cleaned using a nylon brush mounted in the lathe running at slow speed.  It was then coated with ebonising spray and allowed to dry before applying Verdige Green wax and buffed.  The high points were tipped with gold finger guilt to produce a stunning finish.  The inside of the bowl was power sanded at 3 to 4 o’clock and finished using the 3 stage Beal System. 



tn_Robert O’Connor in action

Robert O’Connor in action



tn_Beaded & decorated Ash bowl – Robert O’Connor.

Beaded & decorated Ash bowl – Robert O’Connor.



Third unit was a Yew salt & pepper shaker set mounted on a 2.5” x 5” stand.  The two units were shaped with convex contours and drilled to accept the salt & pepper insets.  The central handle was shaped with a concave profile to complement to convex holders.  Two Ebony dowels were fitted in the stand to hold the salt & pepper units. 


tn_Pepper & Salt set – Robert O ‘Connor

Pepper & Salt set – Robert O ‘Connor



Fourth item was a 3” x 6” spalted beech hollow form with a spigot at the base for mounting onto a stand.  The special feature here was that the central hole was created with a spindle gouge, and the hollow form was turned out using the same spindle gouge only.  The unit was finished with an application of German Oil.  


tn_Spalted Beech hollow form – Robert O’Connor

Spalted Beech hollow form – Robert O’Connor


The fifth design was a wafer thin walled goblet type bowl with a natural edge base made from a 4” x 8” log of Lantern Wood.  The wall thickness was highlighted and controlled with the use of a light bulb fitted into a baking powder tin and mounted in the tailstock and positioned into the turning – while continuing to refine the outside to show an even distribution of light.  The base was parted off and hollowed out to reflect the wall thickness of the bowl.  Not surprising we ran out of wood at this stage - thanks Robert for a prolific day’s turning. 


tn_Lantern Wood thin walled goblet type bowl – Robert O’Connor

Lantern Wood thin walled goblet type bowl

– Robert O’Connor


tn_Watching Robert O’Connor2



tn_Watching Robert O’Connor

Watching Robert O’Connor


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy and Imelda Connolly for preparing the BBQ. 


tn_Imelda & Seamus Cassidy preparing BBQ

Imelda & Seamus Cassidy preparing BBQ


tn_Patrick McKevitt & Kevin Milton

Patrick McKevitt & Kevin Milton


tn_Relaxing after BBQ

Relaxing after BBQ




Also to Seamus for the critique on the following items:-



 tn_Ash bowl – Eamonn McKelvey

Ash bowl – Eamonn McKelvey


tn_Juniper Vase – John Conneff

Juniper Vase – John Conneff


tn_Ash ball lamp – Kevin Milton

Ash ball lamp – Kevin Milton




tn_Laburnum deep hollow form – Cecil Barron - Copy

Laburnum deep hollow form – Cecil Barron


tn_Beech 18 shield – Cecil Barron.

Beech 18 shield – Cecil Barron.



tn_Banksia nut box – Bob Dier - Copy

Banksia nut box – Bob Dier