North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

July 2016 

BBQ day in the North East Chapter brings together a feast of entertainment ranging from rapid turning projects with Robert O’Connor and Seamus Cassidy, opportunity to replenish turning supplies from ‘The Hut’ trade stand, and with special thanks to the Cassidy family for providing all the facilities and BBQ equipment for the day.


Robert started the day with a comprehensive demo of tool sharpening using the wheel sharpener and also the Sorby sharpener.  He keeps it simple – with all roughing, bowl & spindle gouges and scrapers sharpened at 45 degrees. 


Starting with a log measuring 12” x 12” which had been pre-cut before been reassembled together with its waste off-cuts, and wrapped in cling film to prevent moisture loss in transit – the unwrapped log revealed 5 bowl blanks and a spindle blank. 


The 1st bowl was face plate mounted to turn its outside profile and sheer scraped to leave the minimum sanding requirements, and then remounted to create a wide rimmed bowl – all completed within 15 minutes. 



tn_Robert O'Connor turning beaded bowl P1040404

 Robert turning beaded bowl


The 2nd bowl had its outside beaded using a spindle gouge – starting with small beads, and progressing to larger beads in one continuous movement from the base to the top of the bowl.  After reverse mounting, the top bead was blended into the top of the bowl – another 15 minute project. 



tn_Robert O'Connor beading inside of bowl P1040409

Robert beading inside of bowl



The 3rd project was a natural edge thin walled bowl.  The two high points and the two low points were balanced and mounted between centers with a 4 prong drive to shape the outside, and remounted on a spigot to turn the inside.   


The 4th bowl was from a quarter sawn blank with straight grain.  Using a 3/8” spindle gouge – small beads were created on the outside in one continuous movement.  Incredibly, the inside of the bowl was also beaded to match the outside in a similar continuous motion – a 13 minute project. 


tn_Selection of Robert O'Connor's turnings P1040415

Selection of Robert's turnings


The 5th project was made from the 2”x 2” x 10” spindle – this was a mini 9” goblet with a 3mm stem. 


His final project was a mirror image off-centre candle holder turned from a piece of Yellow Pine measuring 4” x 4” x 7”.  The technique used here after bringing the blank to round was to mark the centre lines at each end, then select a point equal distance at top of tailstock end, and at bottom of drive end.  Mount off-centre on these two points and turn a ball shape in the centre area. Reverse mount on centre points to turn base and top of candle holder.  Remount in chuck to hollow the candle holder and part off. 


tn_Yellow Pine off centre candle holder - Robert O'Connor P1040433

Robert's Yellow Pine off centre candle holder



Seamus Cassidy shared his techniques with us for turning multiple table legs: mounting a fine grained red deal blank between centers with a ring centre in the tail stock, the leg was marked out with the aid of a storyboard.  To create the pummel on the square section, the critical procedure is to use a ½” skew to penetrate all four sides to avoid fiber tear out when bringing the rest of the leg to round. 


tn_Seamus Cassedy turning a set of table legs P1040428

Seamus turning a set of table legs



Next project was a coloured pear.  The blank was mounted between centers and shaped to give a finished pear measuring 4” x 2.75” with the bulbous end at the tailstock and a chucking spigot.  Cut dimple and drill for clove inset, and sand at 120 only.  Finger paint with acrylic green undercoat and dry.  Follow this with streaks of light green and yellow.  When dry, rub down lightly with 320 grit.  A mixture of mustard and red should produce a suitable shade of brown which is dappled on lightly using a sponge - the finished product looked very realistic. 


Thanks were conveyed to both Robert and Seamus for a most informative and enjoyable day’s turning. 


Thanks to Seamus for his critique on the following exhibits:-



tn_Sycamore candlesticks - James Halligan P1040420

Pair of Sycamore candlesticks – James Halligan: 



tn_Ebonised Ash bud vases - Kevin Milton P1040416

Pair of ebonized Ash bud vases – Kevin Milton: 



tn_Yew jewellery box - Eamonn McKelvey P1040423

Yew jewelry box – Eamonn McKelvey: 



tn_Yew Vase - Bob Dier P1040419

Yew beehive vase – Bob Dier: 



tn_Laburnum Bowl - Cecil Barron P1040418

Laburnum bowl – Cecil Barron: 



tn_Bog Oak magogany base - Imelda Connolly P1040426

Bog Oak/Mahogany art piece –  Imelda Connolly



tn_Eucalyptus pill box with rubber O ring Tony Thwaites P1040431

Eucalyptus pill box with O ring lid – Tony Thwaites. 


tn_Mahogany apple with secret drawer - Owen Furness (presented by Chris Hayes P1040417

Apple with secret drawer - Late Owen Furniss. 



tn_Beech Ash nut cracker - Dave Carroll P1040422

Beech Ash nut cracker - Dave Carroll