North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild



 June 2013




We were delighted to welcome Tony Rea and his able assistant Eddie Gorman, both from the Down Chapter. Tony’s demonstration project was a natural edged bowl, made from Burr Elm. Starting with a wet log he positioned a 10” circular disc on the log, and through the disc centre screwed it through the bark. This acted as a guide to shape the bowl blank using a chainsaw. The screw point location was later used to tap in his three point drive into position after removing the bark in that area. Once mounted on the drive spur the blank was secured in position with the tailstock. To ensure a balanced natural edge is achieved, it is essential to check the position of the two high points and the two low points. This can be achieved by placing a strip of masking tape on the tool rest. Next rotate the blank and mark the tape where the high points pass, and similarly mark the low points. Adjust the tail stock centre point as required in order to get your two high points as close as practical, and the same criteria is applied to the low points.


Shape the outside and create a spigot using a heavy duty bowl gouge.  Remove the chuck with blank attached occasionally, and reassess the position of the high and low points, adjusting the spigot centre as necessary.  Any centre point adjustment will necessitate a refinement of the outside profile, and finishing with a sheer scrape.  The top third of the bowl was textured with a texturing tool and scorched with a blow torch before starting on the inside. 


Re-chuck onto spigot and turn the inside to a wall thickness of 5 mm.  Ensure the bevel stays in contact with the timber when pulling back to pick up the next cut.  With a wet turned bowl an element of warping can be expected.  However, the drying process may be expedited by spraying the bowl with methylated spirits and spectacularly flame drying prior to sanding.  Thanks Tony for a most educational and enjoyable presentation. 


Thanks to Peter Donagh and Tony Rea for providing the critique for the following items:-


tn_Iroko pair of spindles - Pat Halligan

 Pair of Iroko banister spindles – Pat Halligan:


tn_Ash Lamp - James Halligan

Ash lamp – Jim Halligan: 


tn_Pine oval goblet - Bob Dier 

Pine oval goblet – Bob Dier:


tn_Zebrano - Walking stick - Cecil Barron

Zebrano walking stick – Cecil Barron


tn_Elm Bowl - Pat Halligan

 Elm bowl – Pat Halligan