North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

June 2015


Michael Fay, Dublin Chapter, was our guest demonstrator at our June meeting. His project was a ‘Crush grind pepper mill’, turned from a 300 mm x 75 mm piece of air dried Oak. Precise measurements throughout being critical to house the internal mechanism and the smooth movement of the grinder.


tn_Oak Push Grind Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker Michael Fay P1030796

Michael Fay with his Oak Push Grind

Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker 



Mount blank between centers and form a 60mm spigot which will be the base.  Turn a tenon at top of grinder (tailstock end), and mark at 170 mm up from the base – cut off base at this point.    Remount base in chuck and clean top.  Bring up tailstock and cut tenon at top of the base.  Reverse chuck to work on base.  Start drilling base with 45 mm drill for say 5 mm, switch to 25 mm drill to an o/a depth of 55 mm.  Revert to the 45 mm and re-drill to the 55 mm depth.  Cut a shallow inside groove at the 55 mm depth: this is achieved with a homemade tool – using the top of a steel bolt ground with sharp square corners.  Reverse chuck to work on top of the base.  Using 38 mm bit drill to 15 mm depth.  Return to the 25 mm bit and continue to drill to meet the original opening.  Revert to the 38 mm bit and re-drill this opening. 


Mount the top section in chuck and using a 22 mm bit drill to a depth of 50 mm.  Cut tenon 35 mm x 10 mm deep to fit into top of grinder. Safety tip - when using calipers to mark the required diameter – only engage side nearest to you to make the mark.  Using the specialized grooving tool, cut a 12 mm groove beyond the 30 mm dept. 


Remount full grinder between tailstock and chuck & shape the outside profile using a spindle roughing gouge.  Finish with Danish oil and carnauba wax.  Finally, assemble be pressing fittings onto position.  Thanks Michael for a well researched, exacting and competent presentation. 



Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-



tn_Ash Tudor Pepper Grinder Tony Thwaites P1030787

Ash Tudor pepper grinder – Tony Thwaites




tn_Burr Ash Bowl Cecil Barron P1030786

Burr Ash bowl & Laburnum bowl – Cecil Barron




tn_8 sided Wild Cherry Bowl John Conneff P1030792 

Wild Cherry 8 sided bowl – John Conneff




tn_Beech Pedestal Bowl Kevin Milton P1030793

Beech pedestal bowl – Kevin Milton




tn_Pens on Oak & Mahogany Stands Eamonn McKelvey P1030788

Pens on Oak & Mahogany bases & Laburnum box

 Eamonn McKelvey




tn_Mahogany off centre Candle holder Peter Donagh P1030790

Off centre Mahogany candle holder

 Peter Donagh



 tn_BBQ Wine & Glass Stand Bob Dier P1030799

 BBQ wine & glass stand

 Bob Dier



tn_Spalted Beech Bowl Bob Dier P1030794

Spalted Beech bowl

 Bob Dier.