North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

June 2016 

 Welcome was extended to Pat Walsh, Dublin Chapter, to our June demonstration where he brought us through his unique technique in carving and colouring a broad rimmed bowl.Starting with a 12” x 2” Sycamore blank mounted on a screw chuck he turned a spigot and defined the foot.Next, an outside ogee shape was gradually created to a finished edge thickness of 5 mm.The finishing cuts were achieved with a round nosed negative rake scraper producing feather light shavings – if dust is produced then this indicates that the scraper needs sharpening.A 2 mm parting tool converted to make a carpenter’s scraper was used in freehand mode to achieve a premier finish. 


A 2” band was selected for spray painting black.  This band plus a generous area either side was protected with masking tape before the band was defined with a point tool – cutting through the masking tape.  Remove the tape from the band area and spray.  Don’t leave the masking tape on for longer than necessary, as the residue from the tape will stick to the timber. 



tn_Pat Walsh colouring his carved Sycamore bowl P1040393

Pat Walsh colouring his carved Sycamore bowl



Remount on spigot to level the face.  Use a sanding block when using the lower grits to achieve a flat surface, switching to power sanding from 240 grit, and finish sanding with a hand held rotary sander.  Shape the central bowl to be 1/3 of diameter, with a slight undercut at its edge.  Apply a coat of matt black car spray.  Define the work area to be carved between the rim and the bowl with a point tool, and mark out the area into 4 sections.  Using a v flex cut bit precipitating carver – define the 4 sections with a carving cut.  Cover the 1st section with masking tape, and carve a random design through the masking tape.  Paint the design with red acrylic paint, and peel off the masking tape.  Cover 2nd section with masking tape and draw design on the masking tape.  Carve out the design, colour and remove tape.  Repeat the process for the other sections.  Thanks Pat for a captivating demonstration. 


tn_Pat Walsh's finished carved Sycamore bowl P1040395

Pat Walsh's finished carved Sycamore bowl


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-



tn_Burr Cherry bowl - Dave Carroll P1040374

Burr Cherry bowl – Dave Carroll:


tn_Burr Mallee bowl - Richard Coyle P1040376

Burr Mallee bowl – Richard Coyle:  


tn_Beech footed bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1040377

Beech 3 footed bowl – Eamonn McKelvey:  


tn_Yew candlesticks - Gerard Corrigan P1040380

Matching Yew candlesticks – Gerard Corrigan:  


tn_Beech thin walled bowl - Cecil Barron P1040378

Alder decorated Bowl and Beech thin walled bowl – Cecil Barron:  


tn_American Ash cake stand Noel Sharkey P1040382

American Ash cake stand – Noel Sharkey:  


tn_Pine clock - Bob Dier P1040379

Pine clock – Bob Dier:  


tn_Laburnam lamp - James Halligan P1040381

Laburnum Lamp – James Halligan.