North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

June 2017

We had the pleasure of welcoming Pat Walsh, Dublin Chapter, as demonstrator for our June meeting when he illustrated his techniques in turning a large platter. Starting with a blank 16” x 2” of kiln dried Beech mounted on a screw chuck – the back was shaped to a light curve using a ½” bowl gouge, and shaping a 95mm x3mm spigot. A 3/8” gouge with the flute closed provided the finishing sheer cut – ensuring light shavings, and avoid creating dust. Final cut was achieved using a negative rake scraper. Hand sand to 180 and power sand up to 600 grit.


Remount in jaws and mark 68mm rim.  Form a large bead on the outside of the rim and a smaller bead on the inside.  Dome the rim between the beads.  Define the rim using a piece of formica to burn lines at each bead.  Shape the central bowl and finishing cuts were applied using a negative rake scraper.  Any torn grain was taken out using a cabinet scraper.  Hand sand using flexible sanding support for maintaining a smooth curve. Finish with power sanding and hand sand between each grit.  Lightly damp the surface with damp kitchen paper, and allow to dry before using the final 600 grit.  Finish with three coats of finishing oil – the 2nd coat is applied using abranet.  Apply the finishing oil sparingly with kitchen paper and wipe off excess and buff with a soft cloth, finishing the wipe with the grain. 

Remount between platter pressure plate and tail stock to remove spigot and refine base. 


tn_Beech platter Pat Walsh P1040951

Beech platter Pat Walsh


Thanks Pat for making a complex and delicate turning project look so simple. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-




tn_Ash Pine wedding goblet Gerard Corrigan P1040946 

Ash/Pine wedding goblet – Gerard Corrigan: 


tn_Turf paper weight Cecil Barron P1040947

 Turf paper weight - Cecil Barron:


tn_Spalted Sycamore bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1040945

Spalted Sycamore bowl – Eamonn McKelvey.  




tn_Poplar nesting bowls (all in one piece) Cecil Barron P1040944

Poplar set of nesting bowls (all in one piece)

Cecil Barron: