North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

March 2017

It takes courage to stand in-front of your fellow Chapter Members to present a demonstration for the first time – Eamonn McKelvey took on this assignment gallantly to show us his method of ‘pen making’.  His approach incorporated a basic set of homemade jigs designed to assist with drilling, gluing and assembly as accurately  and efficiently as possible. 



First he demonstrated two different types of jigs for holding pen blanks for drilling – the first jig was an L shaped unit with two off centre locking levers to hold varying sizes of pen blanks for drilling on a drill press.  The second type of jig was a spring loaded pen blank holder to fit in the chuck for drilling on the lathe.  All drilling was undertaken using Colt drill bits. 


tn_Pen blank holding jig for drilling P1040774 

Pen blank holding jig for drilling


Next was a simple polypropylene rod turned to accommodate the brass pen barrel while applying and spreading CA super glue directly from the glue bottle, and then twisting the barrel into the pen blank to allow the glue to set.  Any stray CA glue will not stick to the polypropylene rod. 



Then there was the top quality plug cutter which he fitted into his hand drill for trimming the pen blank flush with the brass barrel. 


And finally there was the Mastic Gun jig which was adapted to act as a press to accommodate all the pen assembly operations with remarkable ease. 


We had the privilege of seeing three categories of pens being turned and assembled – the Sierra one barrel 10 mm Button Click pen, the Sierra twist pen, and the standard Slimline two piece 7 mm twist pen. All pens were finished with a spray of acrylic sanding sealer, and a liberal application of carnauba wax. 


Thanks Eamonn for a well prepared and confidently delivered presentation with lots of innovative tips for pen turning. 


tn_North East Chapter Members P1040773

North East Chapter Members


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-


tn_Lazy Suzy cake stand - Cecil Barron P1040775 

 Lazy Suzy cake stand -Cecil Barron: 



tn_Beech gizmo - Cecil Barron P1040778

beech gizmo – Cecil Barron:  



tn_Yew undercut Bowl - John Conneff P1040776 

Yew undercut bowl – John Conneff:  



tn_Iroko candlesticks - Kevin MiltonP1040777 

Matching pair of Iroko candlesticks – Kevin Milton.