North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild


May 2012


We were delighted to welcome Graham Whitty and Nicky Foley from the Gorey Chapter for our May demonstration, and we were overwhelmed by their portfolio of turnings on display on the day. 


Graham showed us how he turns a decorated Twig Pot in two sections. Starting by mounting an Ash log 8”x 5” between centres.  He shaped the outside and created a spigot at each end. Next the piece was remounted on the bottom spigot and the top section was parted off, similar to making a box.


The inside was hollowed and shaped to accommodate the lid. The lid was mounted on its spigot and the inside hollowed – ensuring the last cut was continuous from the outer edge to the centre, and a sheer scrape to finish. The bowl was remounted and the lid fitted. The tailstock was engaged while refining the outside. The lid was taped to the box and the tailstock removed. A spindle gouge was used to drive through the centre of the lid to create the initial opening, allowing the top to be shaped and the neck hollowed out to blend in with the body. The point tool was used to create bands above and below the lid joining. Decoration was applied to both lid and body using a small ball cutter with the dremel. The decorated area was cleaned with a wire brush and finish applied to complete a classic vase.  


tn_Ash decorated vase - Graham Whitty - Gorey Chapter

Ash decorated vase - Graham Whitty - Gorey Chapter


Nicky Foley showed us how he set about turning a pocket watch.  Starting with a small Cherry blank, he glued it to a wooden face plate, the face and side were shaped and trued.  The recess for the watch was marked using dividers and the recess cut using a skew chisel.  Masking tape was inserted in the recess to assist the removal of the watch during trial fitting.  The top surface of the rim was slightly curved, followed by sanding and finished by applying Super Glue. This was allowed to dry before cutting back with 600 grit.  A second coat was applied and buffed to a shine.  The watch holder was parted off and reverse chucked, and a 3 mm deep recess cut to accommodate a disc which was decorated with Cherry and Walnut inserts.  The disc was glued into position and the back rounded off to meet the face rim.  A similar Super Glue finish was applied and buffed to a high gloss shine.  The cross grain was drilled to accommodate a ring screw for the watch chain.  Well done Nicky – a great demo and a lovely end product. 


tn_Watch (Back) Decorated Cherry - Nicky Foley - Gorey Chapter

Watch (Back) Decorated Cherry - Nicky Foley - Gorey Chapter




tn_Spalted Beech Salad Bowl - Bob Dier

Spalted Beech Salad Bowl - Bob Dier


tn_Chess set & Board - John Conneff

Chess set & Board - John Conneff


tn_Holy Bowl - James Halligan

Holly Bowl - James Halligan


tn_Decorated Walnut Bowl - Pat Halligan

Decorated Walnut Bowl - Pat Halligan


tn_Sycamore Sphere on Spanish Chestnut - Cecil Barron

Sycamore Sphere on Spanish Chestnut - Cecil Barron