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PeterDonagh, North East Chapter, demonstrated how he sets about turning a bowl with that ‘wow’ factor – a Cherry bowl with three ball feet and the rim enhanced with three buttons. He started by centering the already rough turned bowl blank onto a convex mounting jig which was covered in sandpaper to give a non-slip grip, and the blank was held in place with the tailstock. The outside was refined using a bowl gouge, and the spigot was reshaped ready for rechecking. The rim was shaped, and the inside of the bowl was undercut with a Sorby Tip Cutter presented at 45 degrees and slightly above centre to avoid any possibility of a dig in. He also demonstrated the sharpening jig for holding the cutting tip. A short beveled bowl gouge was used to shape the inside of the bowl, and a Negative Rake scraper used for the final cuts. Ensure to slow down the cut when approaching the centre to avoid chatter, and also allowing the chisel time to cut.



tn_Cherry Bowl - Peter Donagh

Cherry Bowl - Peter Donagh


Three holes were drilled in the rim for the decorative Anjan buttons, and these were framed with a line either side.  The lines were then darkened using a sharp pointed piece of Formica.  The recommended finish was three coats of Danish Oil over a period of three days; cutting back with fine wire wool between coats, and buffing the final coat with kitchen paper.  After reverse chucking to remove the chucking point, a brad point was used to mark the position of the three matching Anjan ball feet – which should be at .33 of the distance between the rim and the rounded base.  The form and design of the bowl turned our excellent, and the quality of the finished product can be seen in the detail.   


Peter dries his bowl blanks in his homemade Timber Drying Machine – this consists of a small cabinet with capacity for six wet turned bowls.  Provision is made for a small air intake ay one side, and a 3” extractor fan on the other side.  A 100 w. bulb is installed, and his operating formula is as follows:- 

Week 1 & 2     Operate fan full time. 

Week 3 & 4     Operate bulb for 12 hours, and off for 12 hours each day. 

Week 5 & 6     Operate fan for 12 hours, and off for 12 hours each day. 


Seamus Cassidy provided the critique for the following items:-


tn_Cherry bud vase - Dave Carroll.

Cherry bud vase – Dave Carroll:  



tn_Peppy Oak Platter - Cecil Barron

Peppy Oak Platter -  – Cecil Barron:




tn_Mahogany light clock - Bob Dier

Mahogany table lamp / clock – Bob Dier:



tn_Cherry clock platter - James Halligan

Cherry platter clock – James Halligan. 


Apologies, no photgraph is available for a Scotts Pine Security Baton by Cecil Barron.