North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

May 2015


We were privileged to welcome Donal Ryan, Limerick & District Chapter for our May demonstration.  His first project was a wall mounted Key Holder - starting with an 8” Pear blank mounted on a face plate he cut a 50mm recess x 7mm deep for reverse chucking, while cutting a slight taper towards the centre to ensure the unit sits flush against the wall.  The inside of the recess was decorated before reverse chucking to turn the front of the holder.  The four screw holes from the face plate are used for the key holding screw hooks.  Encase the screw hooks with a raised bead, and add decoration to centre and outer rim.  Finish with Danish Oil. 



tn_Spalted Ash bowl Donal Ryan P1030780

Spalted Ash bowl Donal Ryan


Useful tips exchanged during the demo – 

  • To prevent Danish Oil from going off – put pebbles into the tin to raise the level of the oil, thus expelling air from the tin. 
  • Use a piece of cow-mat under the sandpaper to avoid over sanding soft spots in timber.   
  • When using Liming Wax apply a matt finish – avoid any shine. 
  • Clean liming wax brush with petrol. 
  • When sharpening a negative rake gouge – only sharpen on bottom bevel. 


Next project was a spalted Ash bowl which had been rough turned and kiln dried.  This was mounted between a dish chuck and the tailstock.  Using a diamond scraper the spigot was re-cut and the outside trued up.  Using a beading tool cut a series of beads on the outside.  Slow down the lathe speed and clean grain of beads with wire disk in drill running in the opposite direction to the lathe to give a ‘rope’ effect.  Spray with acrylic sanding sealer.  Paint on liming wax and allow to dry for half an hour.  Wipe off surplus wax while working wax into grain. Reverse chuck, turn inside, and finish inside only with Danish Oil.  Cole Jaws were used to remove the spigot and to decorate the base.  Thank you Donal for travelling so far to be with us and for your very practical demonstrations.   


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-  


tn_Tulipwood Richard Coyle P1030765

Tulipwood beaded undercut bowl -

Richard Coyle:



tn_Ash bowl Richard Coyle P1030768

Ash/Cocobola buttoned bowl,

Richard Coyle:



tn_Sycamore Rolling Pin Richard Coyle P1030770

Sycamore/ exotic wood rolling pin –

 Richard Coyle: 



tn_Parana Pine coasters Kevin Milton P1030766

Parana Pine coasters –

Kevin Milton: 



tn_Cherry Bowl John Conneff P1030772

Cherry decorated bowl, -

John Conneff: 



tn_Ash Bowl John Conneff P1030771

Ash decorated bowl – John Conneff: 



tn_Maple Bowl Noel Byrne P1030775

16” Maple bowl –

 Noel Byrne: 



tn_Spalted Beech Urn Gene McConnell P1030773

Spalted Beech and stained Sycamore urn –

 Gene McConnell: 



tn_ChestnutBowl James Halligan P1030763

 Natural edge Chestnut bowl –

James Halligan: 



tn_Laburnum Goblet Bob Dier P1030774

 Laburnum goblet –

Bob Dier: 



tn_Burr Elm Vase Dave Carroll P1030769

Burr Elm/ African Blackwood bud vase,

Dave Carroll.




tn_Ash Dish Dave Carroll P1030767

Small Ash dish 

Dave Carroll.