North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

May 2017

It was a pleasure to welcome Charlie Ryan back to the North East Chapter for our May demonstration.  Charlie commenced with a comprehensive review of the importance of safety procedures, and the onus on all woodturners to be continuously vigilant and aware of implementing ‘Best Practice’ at all times.


tn_Measuring tape - Charlie Ryan P1040834 

Measuring tape - Charlie Ryan


First on the menu was an acorn shaped ‘measuring tape’ turned from Purple Heart for the base and with Yew for the top.  Drill a 35mm cavity 30mm deep in the Purple Heart to house the tape.  Pick up the centre point of this cavity and drill a 6mm hole x 10mm deep to hold the central winding spindle.  Turn to an acorn shape, and cut a lip to hold the top.  Mount the Yew and size the top to fit the acorn.  Drill a 6mm hole all the way through the top to facilitate the winding spindle.  Turn a 6mm x 50mm winding spindle.  Cut 25mm slot in base for measuring tape.  Cut slot in spindle, insert end of tape in slot and superglue in position.  Turn a decorative tape winding knob/handle.  Glue a locking washer on spindle under the top and assemble the unit. 



tn_Pin cussion - Charlie Ryan

Pin cussion - Charlie Ryan


Next project was a pin cushion – using a ½ polystyrene ball or sponge ball cowered with the wife’s sock as the pin cushion.  The base consisted of a 3” x 7” spalted beech blank which was turned into a lidded box, with a recess in the lid to hold the pin cushion. 


tn_Charlie Ryan's hinged box P1040835

Charlie Ryan's hinged box


The 3rd project was a box with a hinged lid with provision to fit a clock on the inside of the lid.  Charlie donated the first two items to Cecil Barron for his Alzheimer's Society fund raising sale, and the latter item was presented to Eamonn McKeever for finishing, and Bob Dier was the recipient of a set of timbers and tape to turn a replica acorn measuring tape unit. 


Thanks Charlie for your generosity and an entertaining evening. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-


 tn_Tulipwood decorated bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1040820

Tulipwood silver rim bowl – Eamonn McKelvey: 



tn_Figured Chestnut bowl - Richard Coyle P1040825

Figured Chestnut broad rim undercut bowl – Richard Coyle: 



tn_Macrocarpa bowl - Cecil Barron P1040823 

Macrocarpa round rim bowl – Cecil Barron:  



tn_Sycamore goblet - Cecil Barron P1040822

Sycamore rolled rim mini goblet – Cecil Barron:



tn_Cherry popery pot - Gene McConnell P1040821

Cherry popery pot – Gene McConnell: 



tn_Burr Elm bowl - Bob Dier P1040828 

Burr Elm bowl – Bob Dier: 



tn_Laburnum vase & tulips - Dave Carroll P1040826

Laburnum vase & tulips – Dave Carroll: 



tn_Yew bowl - John Conneff P1040829

Yew angled rim bowl – John Conneff: 



tn_Beech lidded bowl - Paul O'Leary P1040819 

 Beech lidded bowl – Paul O’Leary.