North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild


 November 2012


Charlie Ryan, from the Dublin Chapter, provided the banter and demonstration at our November meeting, when he reproduced a model of the Space Needle Seattle Tower . 


Starting with a 5”x 3” block of Sapele Mahogany  compressed between the chuck and tailstock, the blank was brought to round with a spigot at each end. 


A section was parted off to form the roof of the restaurant.  The slender body of the tower was shaped, widening out at the top to form the bottom of the restaurant, which in turn was hollowed out with provision to fit the roof. 


The roof was chuck mounted, shaped and hollowed, and fitted on the body.  Finally a 4” beech finial was turned and fitted on the roof adding that extra aspect of contrast. 


tn_Seattle tower - Charlie Ryan

Seattle tower - Charlie Ryan


The finished masterpiece was kindly presented to Cecil Barron as a donation to Alzheimer’s Society.  Thanks Charlie for an entertaining and enjoyable demonstration. 




Charley Ryan's Tower Box



Seamus Cassidy's critique incorporated a barley twist Sapele table lamp by Richard Coyle.



tn_Barley Twist Stapele table lamp - Richard Coyle - Copy

Barley Twist Stapele table lamp - Richard Coyle


A Eucharistic Cross in plum and whitethorn by Gerard Corrigan.


tn_Euchristic Cross Plumb and Whitethorn - Gerard Corrigan

Euchristic Cross Plumb and Whitethorn - Gerard Corrigan


A Macrocarpa decorated bowl and a suspended decorated Ash bowl set on a Walnut stand, both by Cecil Barron.


tn_Macrocarpa decorated bowl - Cecil Barron

Macrocarpa decorated bowl - Cecil Barron


tn_Ash bowl on walnut stand - Cecil Barron

Ash bowl on walnut stand - Cecil Barron



A skeleton clock mounted in Burr Elm and Ebony by Bob Dier. 





Burr Elm  Ebony skeleton clock - Bob Dier