North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

November 2014


Our demonstrator at the November workshop was Pat Walsh, Dublin Chapter, when he showed us his technique in turning a ‘Battered Bowl’.  Starting with a 10” x 3” Sycamore blank mounted on a screw chuck, the outside was shaped using a 3/8” bowl gouge in sheer scraping mode.  Create a dovetail at base to accommodate an expansion chuck.  Using a 1.5” flat negative rake scraper (converted from a woodworking chisel), the surface was refined and prepared for texturing.  He also demonstrated how an acceptable finish could be achieved by using a cabinet scraper independent of the tool rest.  By the way, his cabinet scraper was converted from a narrow parting tool. 



tn_Pat Walsh with his Sycamore battered bowl. P1030594

Pat Walsh with his Sycamore battered bowl



The initial texturing foundation was applied using 3 passes with a Sorby texturing tool.  Next an angle grinder with an arbortech blade was used to inflict a deep texture random design pattern.  Reverse chuck, and define the shape of the rim before hollowing out.  Remember that when in expansion mode there will be less grip as when in compression mode.  After rounding the edges of the rim, continue with the dual texturing process to a defined point inside the bowl.  Scorch with blow torch, and clean with nylon brush held in hand drill.  Apply sanding sealer, followed by an application of black acrylic paint and allow to dry for 24 hours.  Finish turning the inside of the bowl and highlight the texturing with a light finger application of silver gilding wax.  When dry, seal with acrylic lacquer spray, and finish with burnishing cream applied with a cloth, before buffing to a deep sheen, or apply EEE for a softer gloss.  Thanks Pat for an intriguing insight into the battered bowl process. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following items:-



tn_Yew lidded bowl - John Conneff P1030585 

Yew lidded bowl – John Conneff. 



tn_Lime bowl - John Conneff P1030587

Lime bowl – John Conneff.



tn_Birds eye beech bowl - John Conneff P1030581

Birds eye Beech bowl  – John Conneff. 



tn_Spanish Chestnut decorated bowl - Cecil Barron P1030583 

Spanish Chestnut decorated bowl – Cecil Barron. 



tn_Ash coloured bowl - Eamonn McKelvey. P1030580

Ash coloured bowl – Eamonn McKelvey



tn_Ash thin walled bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1030582

Ash thin walled coloured bowl, – Eamonn McKelvey



tn_Elm milk churn - Eamonn McKelvey P1030588

Elm milk churn – Eamonn McKelvey. 



tn_Ash bowl with walnut base - Noel Byrne. P1030575 

Ash/Walnut bowl and base – Noel Byrne



tn_Ash bowl on walnut plate. Noel Byrne P1030579

Ash/Walnut bowl and plate – Noel Byrne.



tn_Elm 40 year calendar - Bob Dier. P1030586 

Elm 40 year calendar – Bob Dier. 


tn_John Sheehan with Hazel and Beech walking stick. P1030595 

Hazel/Beech walking stick – John Sheehan. 


tn_Spalted beech bowl - Niamh Connolly's first turning P1030577

Spalted Beech small bowl – Niamh Connolly.



tn_Mahogany candle holder - Imelda Connolly P1030584

Mahogany Candle holder – Imelda Connolly.