North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild 

November 2015

Nicky Foley, Gorey & District Chapter, was our guest demonstrator for November. His first project was an Ash Box decorated with a Burr Robinia insert in the lid together with an aluminium inlay. The blank was mounted between centres and brought to a cylinder with a spigot at each end. 1/3 of the cylinder was cut off using a 1/8” parting tool for the lid section. The inside of the box was turned to give a round base and final cuts with a round nosed scraper.


Sanding dust was eliminated by applying his specially formulated ‘Dust Inhibitor’ – this consisted of 70% melted bees wax and 30% liquid paraffin with a few drops of lavender oil blended and set to a paste.  The lid was mounted in the chuck  to turn the curved inside with provision for the lid to fit over the box, and finished with a coat of Microglycerin Wax before parting off the lid.  Next, a Burr Robinia insert disk was prepared.  The lid was fitted into a jam chuck for preparing its top.  A recess was cut to accommodate the insert which was glued into position.  After truing up the top with light pull cuts, a V cut was inserted at the edge of the insert, which was then filled with aluminium powder and saturated with superglue and allowed to dry.  After cleaning and sanding the lid was finished with a coat of sanding sealer.   



tn_Nickie Foley with aluminium inlay box & wet turned bowl P1040120

Nicky Foley with aluminium inlay box & wet turned bow


Nicky’s second project gave us an interesting insight into wet turning – converting a wet Cherry blank into a bowl, and continuing with a wet sanding process up to 600 grit to give the perfect finish.  Thanks Nicky for sharing your skills and techniques with us. 




Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for sharing his critique on the following exhibits:-



 tn_Beech & Cherry night lights Dace Carroll P1040110

4 Beech & Cherry night lights – Dave Carroll:  



tn_Elm Bowl Gene McConnell P1040090 

6 sided Witch Elm bowl – Gene McConnell:  



 tn_Spalted Beech Bowl Cecil Barron P1040091

Spalted Beech bowl – Cecil Barron:





tn_Magogany Brush Cecil Barron P1040092

Mahogany handled brush – Cecil Barron:  



tn_Laburnum decorated Bowl Peter Donagh P1040093

Laburnum decorated bowl – Peter Donagh: 




tn_Maple & Olive Ash Holy Water Font Gerard Corrigan P1040094 

Maple/ Olive Ash Holy Water font holder – Gerard Corrigan: 



 tn_Yew Biscuit Barrel Kevin Milton P1040096

Yew biscuit barrel – Kevin Milton; 



tn_Damson cup & saucer Eamonn McKelvey P1040097 

Damson cup & saucer – Eamonn McKelvey: 



tn_Spalted Beech Bowl Richard Coyle P1040099 

Spalted Beech flared bowl – Richard Coyle: 



tn_Apple Bowl Bob Dier P1040102 

Apple natural edged bowl -Bob Dier




tn_Yew base pens Bob Dier

Pair of Yew Pens – Bob Dier:



 Await Photo

Yew volcanic bowl – James Halligan: 



tn_Asg chainsaw bowl Noel Byrne P1040107 

Ash chainsaw bowl – Noel Byrne



tn_Laburnum lidded bowl Noel Byrne P1040108

Laburnum lidded bowl with finial – Noel Byrne: 



tn_Oak desk set - Eamonn McKelvey - P1040128 

Bubinga goblet with interlocking rings – Eamonn McKelvey.