North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

November 2017


Willie Creighton made the long journey from Mayo to Meath as our guest demonstrator for November. Willie described his trade as a Carpentry & Joiner Contractor, as well as a Professional Woodturner. He is PRO of Craobh Eo Chapter, and Chairman of IWG.


tn_Section of North East Chapter Members IMG_0412

Section of North East Chapter Members



Willie's demonstration project was a table lamp turned from a 180 year old section of Baltic Pine that was recycled from a roof truss, and which contained a striking grain pattern and still had its pleasant aroma.  Before starting, the lathe bed was sprayed with WD 40 to ensure ease of movement of banjo and tailstock, and the tool rest was filed to remove any blemishes.   


The 4.5” square x 16” blank was mounted between centres and turned to a cylinder in preparation for turning the body of the lamp.  Using a parting tool, a 20 mm tenon was cut at the drive end that would slot into the base.  A 12 mm spindle gouge was used to rough shape the design before moving on to refine the various details, which included the following woodturning cuts and features: - Starting at the base of the body with a 1.5” flat followed by a cove with a fillet at each end of the cove.  This is followed by a sphere with the 3rd fillet at the start of a long cove.  This cove features a prominent bead at its centre point, and the cove is completed with a bird’s beak highlight.  Next section at the top of the lamp contains a short cove with a fillet at each end, and the body is completed with a short ogee top. 



tn_Willie Creighton's lamp on the lathe IMG_0413

Willie Creighton's lamp on the lathe


All measurements throughout the project were judged by eye, which allowed an element of freedom in design and proportion. 


The base of the lamp was mounted between centres to level the bottom and create a spigot.  Rechuck to true up face and create ogee design.  Drill 20 mm central of face to receive the lamp tenon, and finally reverse chuck to remove spigot.   


tn_Willie Creighton withBaltic Pine Lamp IMG_0428

Willie Creighton with Baltic Pine Lamp




Top tip of the day: 


If you are worried about woodworm infesting your stock of timber try putting a few sacrificial logs of Silver Birch in your timber store.  Woodworm will attack Silver Birch before any other timbers. 


Thank you Willie for your commentary throughout the demonstration, and describing every aspect of the project in such detail.  


Thanks also to Willie for his critique on the following exhibits:-



tn_Elm decorated box - Eamonn McKelvey IMG_0417


Elm decorated box – Eamonn McKelvey



tn_Ash bowl - Eamonn Mc Kelvey IMG_0419

 Ash bowl – Eamonn McKelvey:


tn_Beech & Magogany rectangular bowls KevinMilton IMG_0414

Beech& Mahogany rectangular bowls – Kevin Milton:

tn_Burr Elm skeleton bowl - Cecil Barron IMG_0418

Burr Elm skeleton bowl – Cecil Barron: 


tn_Holm Oak Bowl - Cecil Barron IMG_0416

round based Holm Oak bowl – Cecil Barron: 




tn_Oak Platter - Bob Dier IMG_0422



Oak platter – Bob Dier: 



tn_Walnut bowl - Gene McConnell IMG_0420

Walnut bowl – Gene McConnell.