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We were delighted to welcome Pat Carroll from the Gorey & District Chapter for the October demonstration.


Pat Carroll - October 2010


Pat's first turning was a beaded hollow sphere turned from two pieces of ash. The first piece was mounted on a screw chuck and turned to a bowl shape with the usual spigot. Operating the long winged chisel in his left hand in order to guide the shavings away from his face, he operates at high speed taking aggressive cuts within the maximum capacity of the lathe.


Pat Carroll Hollow Sphere - October 2010


The second piece was turned in a similar manner while cutting a rebate to enable the two hollowed bowls to be jam fitted together to form a hollowed sphere. The tailstock was brought into play while refining the shape of the turning.


Pat’s philosophy relating to tool sharpness is ‘sharpen a little a lot’ – this facilitates a good finish from the tool and consequently saves a lot of sanding. Using a home made beading tool Pat created the first central bead to incorporate the joint, which he expertly camouflaged.



Using a pencil mark on the centre of each bead to ensure consistency of bead size, the remainder of the beads were turned. He then used a micro bevel (secondary bevel) to reduce the wall thickness of sphere on the inside. The micro bevel avoids friction marks left by a longer bevel.



The two halves were now glued together by applying super glue to one side and accelerator to the other side. The grain was matched and the tailstock brought up for final support. Using a point tool a series of decorative rings were inserted on the base and top, and finally a small opening turned at the top of the sphere.  


Pat’s second project was a wide rimmed bowl which he turned to give the effect of the bowl rising out through the rim. He then created a decorative series of neat crisp beads with a narrow fluted parting tool on the rim, which was framed on both sides with the use of the point tool. 

Pat Carroll - Bowl - October 2010


His third project was a decorated bowl.  The outside was shaped and scribed at the base and shoulder with a series of decorative rings.  After reverse chucking, the face was lightly sprayed with a black gloss and scorched.  A small cup bowl was hollowed out and framed with a series of simple groves – the result was a stunning piece of art. 

Group Meeting - October 2010


Cecil Barron supplied a selection of bowl blanks and assorted timbers. Members were given the opportunity to make donations for various pieces – all proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Society. Over € 200 was collected on the day.