North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

October 2014


Michael Fay, Dublin Chapter, was guest demonstrator for our October meeting.  Michael’s project was a miniature birdhouse turned from a 38mm cube of yew, with additional features incorporating a V shaped roof, a perch, and finials top and bottom.  The cube was mounted between centers and reduced to 35mm diameter, and a spigot formed at one end.  It was mounted in the chuck, the end cleaned and the centre point marked. 



tn_Michael Fay with Birdhouse 543

Michael Fay with Birdhouse



Using a drill chuck in the tailstock, drill a 20mm hole x 20mm deep.  Continue drilling with a 15mm bit for a further 5mm.  Using a drill chuck holding jig which was fitted into the tool-rest – drill a bird entrance, and a hole for the perch.  Before hollowing out the inside of the house, mark a reference point 3mm into the house which should not be touched while hollowing inside of house.  Part off house.  Fit a premade jig with a protruding 15mm spigot into the scroll chuck – fit house onto spigot and secure with ring centre in the tailstock.  Refine shape of house and base – mark centre of base and using 5mm drill bit drill in 10mm.  Turn a slight concave around this centre hole to accommodate bottom finial. 


Mounting a 50mm piece of spalted beech in the chuck – undercut the underside of the roof leaving a 15mm spigot to fit in top of house.  The perch plus the top and bottom finials were turned from walnut to add contrast. All parts were glued into position and the eye of a fishing hook fitted to the top finial.  Thanks Michael for a delightful project which was peppered with jigs, tips and advice. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following pieces:-


tn_Yew vase John Conneff 533 

Yew deep hollow vase – John Conneff. 


tn_Burr Elm Bowl John Conneff 535

Burr Elm bowl – John Conneff.


tn_3 Laburnum twig vases Cecil Barron 532

Set of 3 Laburnum twig vases  – Cecil Barron. 


tn_16 piece Peace Pipe Cecil Barron 538

16 piece peace pipe – Cecil Barron. 



tn_Pine-Maple Box Gerard Corrigan 531 

Pine/Maple lidded box – Gerard Corrigan.



tn_Elm Goblet Eamon McKelvey 530

Elm tapered goblet – Eamonn McKelvey. 



tn_Iroko Nightlight Eamon McKelvey 529

Iroko night light holder – Eamonn McKelvey