North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

Oct 2015


Pat Walsh, Dublin Chapter, was our guest demonstrator for October, and his theme for the evening was Christmas tree decorations. 


tn_Pat Walsh Demonstrating P1040053

Pat Walsh Demonstrating



Starting with a 70mm cube of Beech mounted between end-grain centers – bring to round using bowl gouge, and cut spigot for mounting in chuck. Finish round surface with skew chisel, and ensure face is flat using negative rake scraper. Decorate with perimeter line using a point tool and sand the face with a sanding block. Burn the line using a strip of formica, and apply sanding sealer before parting off a 1.5mm disk. Flatten off the blank and apply four small pieces of double-sided tape for remounting the disk to clean its back. Decorate both sides using coloured metallic acrylic marker, or alcohol pen markers. or spirit dye.



tn_Northeast Members P1040051

Northeast Members


The next stage is to make a mini snowman for gluing to the disk.   Take two pieces of timber glued together with a paper joint. Mount between centers, bring to round, cut spigot and mount in chuck to shape the hat, face and body. Apply sanding sealer and part off. Divide turning with Stanley knife and glue snowman to disk – decorate face and body. 



tn_Pat Walsh Xmas Decorations P1040054

Pat Walsh Xmas Decorations


His second project was a Christmas tree mounted on a decorated disk.  The disk was prepared from the original Beech blank, and the tree was turned using the split turning procedure.  The tree was finished with acrylic gloss before parting off, then split with a Stanley knife, and glued to the disk.  Drill the top of the disk, insert a light support wire and a red ribbon loop to the wire. 


The final project was a Christmas tree pendant bulb.  Mount a 25mm square blank between centers and prepare for mounting in chuck.  Shape the bulb and bulb holder, and cut screw lines on the bulb holder section.  Decorate with alcohol pen marker, ensuring the base colour is a light shade.  Continue with overlapping multicolours working from light to darker shades.  Drill bulb holder for inserting wire hanger and red ribbon.  Thank you Pat for a most timely and practical demonstration. 


tn_Christmas Decoration Pat Walsh P1040061

Christmas Decoration Pat Walsh




Thanks to Peter Donagh for his critique on the following exhibits:-



tn_Yew Candlesticks Gerard Corrigan P1040057

Pair of Yew candle holders – Gerard Corrigan:  



tn_Yew Wall Hanging Cecil Barron P1040059

Yew wall hanging – Cecil Barron:  


tn_Yew Goblets Bob Dier P1040055


Pair of Yew goblets – Bob Dier.