North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

October 2017  

This was our ‘Hands On’ day in Seamus Cassidy’s well equipped Woodturning Studio  There were six lathes in action – 4 Jet lathes, a Wivamac DB 1200 and a new Killinger KM 1450 SE.  We brought our own tools and timber, and Cecil Barron supplied a variety of timbers which could be used to turn items for his annual November fund raising sale in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.  It was an educational and fulfilling experience to have the opportunity to work on different lathes, while having the privilege of Seamus with us as mentor, providing guidance and advice throughout the afternoon. 


Photos of the day

tn_Michael Clarke turning base fro fire alarm IMG_0389

Michael Clarke turning base for fire alarm 


tn_Cecil Barron preparing a handle for a chisel IMG_0391

Cecil Barron preparing a handle for a chisel



tn_Richard Coyle making Shavings IMG_0392

Richard Coyle making Shavings




tn_Gerard Corrigan truing a platter IMG_0396

Gerard Corrigan truing a platter


tn_Paul O'Leary turned an undercut mini bowl IMG_0399

Paul O'Leary turned an undercut mini bowl




tn_Imelda Connolly finishing Mahogany bowl IMG_0400

Imelda Connolly finishing Mahogany bowl




Bob Dier (RD) spoke to Seamus (SC) about the newest addition to his studio – the Killinger KM 1450 SE:


RD:You have worked on many different lathes throughout the length and breath of Ireland and beyond – What is your first impression of this lathe? 


SC:  It is a sheer delight to work with this lathe; it has been manufactured to the highest standards, with precision, accuracy, stability, and runs so smoothly at a noise level that is just about audible.  All movable parts slide and lock with minimum effort, and has all the features that the hobbyist or professional woodturner requires.  


RD:  Can you give an insight into the features that impressed? 


SC:  First, if we look at its capacity – the swing over the bed is 400 mm, with a centre height of 200 mm.  This swing over can be increased up to 660 mm with an optional bowl turning attachment if required.  There is a standard 710 mm between centres, and an optional extension out to 1160 mm between centres.   

The control box features the start and stop buttons, forward and reverse switch, and the speed regulator.  The control box has a magnetic backing which allows its position to be moved if required.  


RD:  How powerful is this lathe and what range of speeds can be achieved? 


SC:  It has a 2 HP motor with a 3 step pulley system which can provide a variable speed range from 40 to 3035 RPM.  The 2 HP motor provides the necessary power to operate a bowl saving coring system. 


RD:  What features are incorporated in the headstock?


SC:  The headstock rotates to any position and can be positioned anywhere on the lathe bed.  It has a spindle lock with 36 indexing positions.  The drive belt cover has a safety cut-out switch.  The spindle bore through the headstock is 10 mm, and the spindle thread  is M33 x 3.5 mm with a MT 2 throat.  There is also a precision alignment system for setting the spindle alignment with 100% accuracy.  An emergency stop button is also situated on the headstock.  The digital speed indicator is built into the headstock. 


RD:  Are there any special features incorporated in the tailstock? 


SC:  The tailstock has a 10 mm sleeve bore with a 2 MT throat.  It has a self-ejecting feature for morse taper equipment.  The quill is calibrated along its barrel up to 100 mm, and the tailstock is fitted with a camlock clamping system to the lathe bed. 


RD:  What are the dimensions of the lathe, and does it come with accessories? 


SC:  It is supplied with a 350 mm tool-rest which slots into a banjo with a 30 mm tool-rest socket.  There is a 4-prong drive centre, a live centre, a knockout bar and its instructions manual.  The overall length of the lathe is 1450 mm, of which the bed length is 1150 mm, and weighs in at 180 kg with its cast iron floor stand. 


RD:  Thanks Seamus for that comprehensive review of specifications of this impressive Killinger 1450SE lathe.




Thanks to Seamus for his critique on the following exhibits:  



tn_Set of Pitch Pine egg cups Gerard Corrigan IMG_0401


Pitch Pine / Red Deal set of stacking eggcups – Gerard Corrigan:



tn_Spalted Beech candlesticks Paul O'Leary IMG_0404


Pair of spalted Beech candlesticks – Paul O’Leary. 



tn_Beech Box Paul O'Leary IMG_0403


Beech box & pair - Paul O’Leary



Burr Horse Chestnut natural edge bowl & Burr Horse Chestnut with Oak rim bowl – Cecil Barron:


Macrocarpa bowl & set of three Macrocarpa bowls – Kevin Milton: