September 2011

Cecil Barron shared his innovative design ability and technical skills during this demonstration. Starting with a 10” x 2” Walnut disk he proceeded to prepare to turn a 6 unit Tea Light unit.


Tea Light Units - Cecil Barron

Using a template held in place at centre point, he marked the centre point of the other 5 outside lights. Six holes were drilled to the required depth with a 1 5/8” Forstner bit. Mount in chuck using the centre drilled hole, true the rim and mark the rim with a central guideline between back and face. Shape the back and create remounting spigot. Remount and shape face, creating a flatter face than the curved back. Texture a section of the face and frame the texture using a skew chisel. Power sand and apply Sand & Sealer. Next, apply Liquid Paraffin and re-sand. Liquid Paraffin is food safe and is available from Veterinary Stores.  

Re-chuck to clean up base, add a textured section and clean with a wire brush and suede  brush.  Defining lines are inserted using a finger nail gouge.  Finish with Spanish Mahogany black wax polish.  To disguise the drill bit centre holes – glue in a disk of veneer in each hole.  To make these disks – simply clamp 3 squares of veneer between two custom made 1 5/8”disc holders which are held in the chuck and tailstock and turn the disks. 


Cecil’s second project was a decorated top for a storage jar.  Working with a disk 4” x 1.25” he hollowed out the inside to the width and depth of the lid which was glued into the cavity.  It was then reverse chucked and shaped to create a slight lip at the edge for gripping.  Add decoration to top and burn groves using a sharp scrap of Formica.  Finish with an application of Speed & Eez friction polish to produce a unique and novel item.  A great demonstration Cecil – well done.  Cecil kindly distributed a number of pre-drilled tea light holder blanks together with a draw for 3 completed holders.  He also offered a Glenn Lucas DVD for the best tea light holder at our October meeting. 


The critique entries included textured Holly bowl – Peter Donagh, Chestnut Bowl – Cecil Barron, Yew crocodile tear box – Bob Dier, Walnut & Ash barrel stool – Pat Halligan.





Holly Bowl


Chestnut Bowl




Yew Crocodile Tear Box

Bob Dier

Walnut Ash Barrels Tool

Pat Halligan