North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

September 2014


Our Secretary, Dave Carroll, brought us through all the stages of creating a novel lantern covered in rawhide pig skin – designed to enhance any night time summer garden.  The covering for the lantern was prepared from a rawhide chewey which was raided from the dog’s larder.  This was soaked in water overnight to enable it to be unraveled and expand, and also to become pliable.  White deal was used throughout the turning.  The frame of the lantern consisted of top and bottom matching discs 70 mm in diameter, and 6 lengths of dowelling 150 mm.   



tn_Dave Carroll with components for lantern

Dave Carroll with components for lantern



Draw a circle 15 mm in from the edge of both discs and mark positions for the 6 dowels. 



Fit a dept stop on the drill bit and drill the 12 dowel holes.  Mark and drill a single spot on the top disc a further 3 mm in from the circle of dowel holes to accommodate a dowel for lifting the night light carrier unit to the top of the lantern.  The night light holder consists of a smaller disc drilled in the centre to hold the night light, and drilled to take the dowel for lifting the unit. 


Mount top disc on face plate and insert decorative lines in top and burn the lines using formica.  Turn out a 50 mm central section using a round bar scraper and finishing with a narrow parting tool, for provision to insert the night light.  Assemble lantern using Araldite two part epoxy glue.  The rawhide skin is stretched and fitted around the dowels and secured by stitching. As the covering dries it will shrink and tighten against the dowels. 


tn_Members Watching Dave Carroll Demo.

Members Watching Dave Carroll Demo.


Mount the base and mark position for 3 feet 20 mm in from edge.  Turn the feet with dowel to fit into base.  Finally, turn a 22 mm lifting knob and drill centre to slot onto lifting dowel.  Thanks Dave for demonstrating this innovative project.  Warning – keep out of reach of children and the family dog. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-


tn_Ash steam bent bird house holder – Kevin Milton.

Ash steam bent bird house holder – Kevin Milton.  


tn_Ash wedding ring holder – Gerard Corrigan.

Ash wedding ring holder – Gerard Corrigan.  


tn_Ash log lamp – James Halligan. 

Ash log lamp – James Halligan. 


tn_Laburnum deep hollow vase – John Conneff

Laburnum deep hollowed vase – John Conniff


tn_2 Yew Burr natural edged bowls – John Conneff 

Two Yew natural edged bowls – John Conniff. 


 tn_Yew trinket box – Dave Carroll

Yew trinket box – Dave Carroll. 


tn_Sibrano magnifying glass – Imelda Connolly.

Sibrano magnifying glass – Imelda Connolly. 


tn_YewCedarEbony Bishop’s Crosier – Bob Dier.

Yew / Cedar / Ebony Bishop’s Crosier – Bob Dier.