North East Chapter – Irish Woodturners Guild

September  2016 

 Dave Carroll, North East Chapter, presented a fitting seasonal demonstration on how to turn a three piece beech ‘Nutcracker’ – the body, the screw spindle and the screw cap; with particular emphasis on ‘thread chasing’.   Starting with the body section measuring 6” x 3” mounted on a faceplate, and a 30 mm sawtooth Forstner cutter fitted in a Jacobs chuck in the tailstock, a hole was drilled in one side of the body for inserting the nuts. The hole was opened out to 50 mm. Remount between centers to cut spigot for remounting in chuck. Mark off screw cap and drill a10 mm hole for remounting and also to fit the screw mechanism, and part off. 

tn_Dave Carroll setting up his home-made 'snake' hollowing tool P1040526

Dave Carroll setting up his home-made

'snake' hollowing tool



Next, Dave’s homemade hollowing jig, which was fitted with a Morse taper was inserted in the tailstock for cutting a 30 mm cavity to facilitate the threaded centre into the nut chamber.  The body was shaped with decorative burn lines at each end. 



tn_Dave Carroll threading the nut cracker P1040542

Dave Carroll threading the nut cracker



To prepare for internal threading, it was recommended to apply sunflower oil with a toothbrush at regular intervals.  A 30.5 mm Tap attached to a key was used to cut the internal threads by hand – working forward and reverse in short sections.  The body was then parted off, and the cap mounted and shaped. 


Mount 1.5” x 6” spindle between centers and bring to a 30.5 mm cylinder.  Create spigot for chuck mounting.  Applying sunflower oil as before, present the Die box to the spindle and cut the thread by hand turning the chuck.  Part off and assemble the three sections.  Thanks Dave, for an entertaining and informative explanation of procedures. 


Thanks to Seamus Cassidy for his critique on the following exhibits:-


tn_Natural edge Ash bowl - Cecil Barron P1040530 

Ash bowl and natural edge bowl – Cecil Barron: 




 oak table lamp

Oak lamp – James Halligan: 



tn_Ash clock - Kevin Milton P1040538

Ash clock – Kevin Milton: 



tn_Broken glass inlay Damson bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1040533

Damson bowl with inlayed broken glass - Eamon McKelvey



tn_Ash bowl - Eamonn McKelvey P1040528

Ash bowl – Eamonn McKelvey.



tn_Yew mini bowl - Tony Thwaites P1040536

Yew mini bowl - Tony Thwaites



tn_Yew box - Tony Thwaites P1040535

Yew mini bowl - Tony Thwaites