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 During September our own Dave Carroll from the North East Chapter treated us to a demonstration of both spindle and faceplate turning, creating a simple but yet a technical and unique project. The prototype was passed around to members for identification – suggestions ranged from a widget to a paint scraper.

Dave Carroll - September 2010

However, its true use was a wine bottle stand.  The project consisted of four parts – a base stand, a support spindle, a doughnut and an ornamental finial.  The doughnut was turned from a disc of beech with a 6.5 mm central hole for mounting on a pen mandrel.  Beech spacers were positioned at each side to jam the doughnut in position and brass spacers at each end.  The tailstock was engaged for additional support.  


Dave Carroll - Wine Bottle Stand - Septemebr 2010


The external diameter was turned to 60 mm, the width was 19 mm, and the internal central cavity diameter was 34 mm.  The support spindle was turned to measure 11.5 cm in length with additional provision for a dowel at each end, and also a decorative finial from the same turning.  The base stand was mounted on a face plate and turned to 95 mm wide x 55 mm deep.  The two critical aspects of this project are the length of the spindle and the angle at which it is inserted into the base stand.  The base must be drilled at an angle of between 45 to 52 degrees, and must align with the bottom centre of the base to create the correct centre of gravity when the wine bottle is mounted into the doughnut.  


September 2010 Meeting